Triathlon On The Brain

Stan 02/01/2014 0
Triathlon On The Brain

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Happy New Year! Over the Christmas period I’ve had my feet up. I’ll tell you all shortly about how my latest charity challenge went, it was eventful to say the least! I’ve also been thinking about doing my very first triathlon. Here are my thoughts:

When it comes to preparing yourself to take part in a triathlon, there is a need to ensure that you are fully focused and motivated. Over the course of the training for a triathlon, many people find that their focus falls solely on this activity. This means that many people will have a triathlon on the brain for much of their build-up to the race.

This means making some sacrifices and it means you may need to explain your training to others. If you have a wife, partner or close family, you need to try and balance the need to train with the need to see and look after them. This is definitely an area where triathlons need to have a complete focus in their life, so it helps to make sure that your friends and loved ones are on board as quickly and as comprehensively as possible.

One of the best ways that you can become fully focused on what a triathlon entails is to look at the equipment on offer and ensure that you have the right gear. There is a lot of clothing and equipment to choose from but there are some items that are more important than others. For instance, you definitely need to have access to a bike to take part in a triathlon. However, while there are many different styles of bikes to choose from, you want to choose a bike that is ideally suited to the terrain and nature of the event.

The right bike can make all the difference

This is where choosing from the range of time trial bikes may be of greater benefit to you. These bikes are slightly different from standard bikes in that they have handlebars or aerobars which reduce drafting. When it comes to time trials, cyclists are not allowed to draft, which places a greater level of importance on lowering the amount of aerodynamic drag of the rider and the bike. This style of bike can give you a much needed boost when it comes to taking part in the cycling event of a triathlon. There is not too much of a market for time trial bikes and triathlon bikes on their own but the popularity of both of these events ensures that the market which combines both of these elements will of be interest to many people.

When it comes to making the most of cycling, you also need to ensure that your diet is fully committed to the cause. A triathlete needs to take in the proper fuel to ensure that they are fit and ready for purpose in the build-up to the race. Training and taking part in a triathlon requires a great deal of training, which means that there is a need to be focused and to have enough fuel to get you through increased levels of work and commitment. This is where there is a huge need to tailor your diet and to ensure that your life is focused on getting the best training and performance levels.

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