The Wellbeing Apps Every Fast Operating Professional Need

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The Wellbeing Apps Every Fast Operating Professional Need

You spend the majority of your life at work. If you’re the sort of person who gives their career everything they’ve got, it can be easy to burn out. Thankfully, technology can be part of the solution.

Smart phones are changing the way we live, giving us more options and faster ways to achieve our goals. With networks like Asda Mobile challenging the traditional model of the contract, it’s now more affordable to achieve, too.

We’ve put together our list of the top apps to helping you stay on top…

1. Risetoday

There are plenty of reasons to want to get up and exercise, from decreasing depressive symptoms, to improved sex drive, to relieving stress.  It’s recommended that if you want to be at your best every day, you should do 30 minutes of exercise every day, too.  But if you get bored too easily, you might want to give Risetoday a try. It’s an app that shows you all of the sporting/fitness activities in your area and lets you book and turn up. Try something new every day without a subscription.

2. Headspace

Your brain is your biggest muscle, so keeping it in a good condition is probably sensible. Mindfulness meditation can be a great way to get your brain training off to a good start, and for an affordable, fast daily dose, we’d recommend Headspace. Be guided through 10, 15 and 25-minute mindfulness exercises that will contribute towards a healthier, happier life.  You pay for Headspace on a monthly subscription basis, and you can even connect the payments to your Spotify monthly subscription, bringing the cost down.

3. Zombies Run

You might consider yourself a bit of a rock star and have the best intentions in the world, but for most of us, actually sticking to our exercise routines is a little more difficult than expected. This creative app is for runners who stop half way though. Put your headphones in, listen to your music, and be narrated a story where you are being chased by zombies. You will be told when to run if you need to speed up, and in doing so, you will collect supplies for your base. It’s addictive fun, and the story is so good that you’ll want to run every day.

4.  Sidechef

Nutrition is naturally a big part of wellness, and this app helps even beginner cooks to make better, healthier meals full of all the right things.  Set your app to the recipe of your choice, and then let it speak out the instructions to you. If it’s going too quickly, you can instruct it to repeat the instructions. This way, you can focus on your cooking, and you won’t have to touch your phone with unclean fingers. Good news!


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