People We Like

We’ve been lucky enough to have met and have worked with so many people in the health and fitness industry. This page is dedicated to them. We’ve split those websites into headings for Deano, Stan and Luke as sometimes they don’t always see eye to eye! If you would like to support us then please click the bold red copy you’ve just read. We also have 4Ever banners available in various shapes and sizes if you’d like to use them on your blog. If you’d like to feature on any of our pages, please see the following paragraph.

If you would like to feature on this page then please contact us. Please note, we are only interested in looking at related and legitimate websites. So please don’t ask us to take a look at your website if it has nothing to do with fitness, muscle, health, nutrition, weight loss or mindfulness. You must also be as dedicated and passionate as we are in providing your visitor with quality information. That information should try to make a real difference in people’s lives and in today’s society.

If your website was listed on this page but you can no longer see it, this is because it’ll be on either Deano, Stan’s or Luke’s page. You can view all these pages by clicking on our names.

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*We unfortunately we recently lost all of the information on this page. If you’re no longer listed and you should be, please contact us immediately. Sorry for any inconvenience!