Luke’s Favourite Websites

Welcome to my page with my favourite websites on. As I love to body build and train hard, you’ll notice that most of my sites on here are related to those areas. If you would like to feature on this page then please contact us. Don’t forget to look at Deano and Stan’s favourite websites too!

We’ve just recently been through all our favourite websites and removed any sites that weren’t loading. If you feel your site should be on this page, please email us and we can check. Thanks.

Get Built Muscle Magazine
Description: Learn how to get built fast, everything you need to know including workouts, nutrition and supplements.

Premier Bodybuilding
Information to help you get in shape – whether that’s to gain muscle, lose fat, get stronger, get fit, eat better – all so you can live better.

Fitness Links
A fantastic collection of high quality health and fitness links.

Health Supplements
Health4youonline is a UK leading provider of health supplements for women, men and children.

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*We unfortunately we recently lost all of the information on this page. If you’re no longer listed and you should be, please contact us immediately. Sorry for any inconvenience!