The Right Food For Camping

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The Right Food For Camping

Hiking and enjoying the great outdoors are fantastic ways to relax, unwind and get some exercise.

A rugged camping and hiking holiday can be a lot of fun but you need to make sure you are well prepared. Not only in terms of your camping gear and first aid equipment but also in terms of what you take with you to eat.

Meal planning

You should plan your meals in advance, think about where you are going and for how long. Are you staying on a campsite, near places to get food every day or are you staying out in the wilderness and need to make sure you have enough freeze-dried food and other supplies to get through your trip?

You should also assess what your access to water is going to be like. Are you near to a source that can be used for drinking and cooking or do you need to bring your own supply with you. This should be a major consideration and something to keep in mind when it comes to planning the route your hiking trip might take.


Your breakfast should set you up for the day. Porridge for example is a great way to warm yourself up in the morning and provides a great source of carbohydrates that can help fuel you until lunchtime.

If you wanted to add a bit of extra flavour and sweetness to your breakfast you could add a handful of dried fruit to your porridge, this helps to not only make it taste even nicer but it also provides extra calories and sugars which can be the perfect pick me up before a day of hiking.


Depending on the trip your lunch when you are camping could be a simple picnic, it could be stopping off in a café nearby or it could be a case of you needing to eat on the go.

You might need to reach a campsite by a certain time if you’re on a hiking trip, meaning something that can be eaten on the go to maintain your energy levels is useful.

Nuts, dried fruit and protein bars all make great snacks. A simple sandwich could also suffice, you can prepare them in advance and eat them without having to stop and unpack your cooking equipment meaning you can maintain your momentum on a hike.


Your evening meal is crucial. It’s a chance to stop and refuel so you need to make sure you’re having something substantial.

A hearty meal with plenty of protein can help your body to repair itself and start to replenish your energy reserves for the next step of your adventure.

These meals are often the biggest you will have all day. Being out of a kitchen means you might not be able to cook something truly awe inspiring but simple dishes, like pasta, or camp favourites like a chilli are possible.

If you’re on a campsite, and you’re having a much more sedate trip you could have a barbecue, however you need to ensure everything is cooked thoroughly to avoid food poisoning, especially if you are staying on a campsite before setting off on a hiking and camping trip. The middle of nowhere isn’t the best place to feel ill.

Getting your meals right on a trip to the great outdoors is key to having a successful trip, they can help you to recharge after a long day, fuel the next activity or help you to relax and unwind. Finding the right meals for your trip can take a bit of planning but with the right preparation and thinking ahead you can keep hunger at bay and really enjoy your trip.


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