“The secret of living is to give.” - Tom Bates, 2012

So with this firmly in mind Stan and myself are creating a free educational resource section to allow you to learn more and to share what you learn with others!

We have a downloadsection which will allow you to download great resources perfect for teaching small and large groups.

An interactivesection that will have useful tools such as a BMI calculator and norm chart data for fitness tests. Along with hyperlink pages that will provide links to quality site that provide educational games and content that we think you can use in the lessons you deliver.

We are looking forward to being able to help children studying at school’s for SAT’S and GCSE’s, we hope that they learn form our fun interactive section with mum and dad helping out! as well as the older college students being able to finish BTEC assignments to a high degree with data and content that is all referenced and accredited.

So what if your not a child or a students? Even better we what to work with you too. We what to help you learn about what it is your doing or not doing and how the body works as it’s such a marvelous thing it’s amazing! and if you don’t believe me check out the video below!

and that’s just the brain…