The Best Hobbies For Keeping Fit

Stan 11/04/2016 0
The Best Hobbies For Keeping Fit

Being fit is a lifestyle and your fitness doesn’t end when you walk out of the gym. It’s important you have hobbies you enjoy that push you a bit further towards your fitness goals to stay happy and sane. The problem is finding stuff you love to do outside of the gym that doesn’t bore you to tears or hurt your fitness! Here’s some inspiration to get you thinking:

Get Out in the Garden

It might sound like an ‘old person’ thing to do (sorry Dad), but it’s extremely satisfying to maintain a garden you like, and it gives you the option to grow some fresh food for yourself while staying active. A weekend hauling bags of mulch and digging holes will certainly test your strength and stamina, and the fresh air certainly won’t hurt. Gardening is also great for keeping your stress levels down and giving you time to think, both of which are great for your health.

Yoga Class

Yoga is great for flexibility, strength and balance, all of which will help improve your fitness in other sports, too. It can also be a great social opportunity, and it has been found that participating in hobbies alongside a “buddy” will increase the likelihood of you sticking to it.

Dance Lessons

Going to dance lessons with your partner will have you both up and moving around while learning to do something you can both enjoy.

Join a Running Club

This one kinds of sells itself! It’s literally exercise, but running as part of a group is a great social activity, too. Find a running club near you and get involved; whatever your fitness level is, most social groups have ways to tailor group runs so that everyone’s involved.

Go on Hiking Holidays

What better way to spend a Saturday? There’s a real primal sense of achievement to seeing a big hill and managing to get to the top of it. Take some friends, a picnic, and make a weekend of it in a new part of the country.

Practice Paintballing

It’s a stereotypical stag weekend favourite, but many paintball providers (like this one in Essex) are offering regular paintballing packages for all sorts of people in order to help them practice and increase their fitness. You’d be amazed how much cardio is required to play a full day of paintball.

Get Golfing

Skip the golf cart and you can end up walking 10km while you and your friends get 18 holes in.

A hobby is, by its very definition, something that is fun and that you look forward to. Whatever you choose to do should get you up and moving around, using your brain, and either has a social element or a sense of real achievement. Try a few of the suggestions above, and let us know how you get on!


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