Dean Moore

I’m currently working as a Sports Lecturer at Solihull College delivering sport science sessions to students on various levels and different courses in a way that I hope challenges them to investigate further a field than the normal. I have also been appointed Strength & Conditioning Coach for Birmingham City Ladies Centre of Excellence something that I’m very excited about and looking forward to get into.

I’ve always been into being active whether it was running around the house and jumping up and down on the sofa’s causing hell for my mother and anyone else who was looking after me to climbing tree’s and falling out, going on adventures for miles with my friends and getting chased off horses across fields, bottom line was I was always moving I couldn’t sit still even at dinner time. My work colleagues can’t believe some of the things I’ve done and always say I should write a book about it, maybe one day I will with Stan as he was there for most of it although not as in as deep as me as he was a bit of a goody two shoes! :)

Sadly this meant that school and me didn’t mix well for various reasons, I wasn’t very good at writing, grammar or spelling (I am actually Dyslexic), being in class for long periods of time due to being easily distracted, being bored with tasks that I didn’t enjoy and already knew about (not to brag but in actual fact I am clever lad at times when I chose to be). I guess I was lucky mid-late 1980′s and early-mid 1990′s that I was classed as a fool rather than having Ritalin thrown down my neck.

Sports mainly football (I was going to be the next Marco Van Basten) and doing various martial arts on and off helped and caught my interest more so than Mr. Robsons history lessons about steam trains and Walschaerts valve gear! and when I was kicked out of school before sitting any GCSE’s I went to College at the ripe old age of 15 and did I have to grown up fast. It was during my time at college that I did a work experience placement at a local leisure centre and ended up working there for a few years, what a laugh, I loved it and as time went on I had to do more than just be a leisure attendant and decided to focus on the health and fitness side of the industry. So in 2006 I began working as a health & fitness instructor. This resulted in an opportunity, shortly after, to become the general manager of the same complex I was working in. It was during this time I completed a Bsc in Sport and Exercise Development at the University of Sunderland, being taught by recognised authors Morc Coulson & David Archer.

After I completed my degree I then undertook a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) to help me with the delivery of fitness, sport and healthy practices within the sport complex for my team and I.

Never one to settle I contacted Absorb Fitness and under took a host of awards to bring me further up to date with industry standards, Stephen and Kim at Absorb Fitness are fab and anyone who gets the chance to work or study with them are very lucky.

During this time two things happened: my interest in the sport side of performance developed and I started reading more holistic approaches to health and well being. So I undertook various coaching badges to further implement my knowledge of training within a sporting context using sound ideas and scientific principles from recognised leading sources. I also started investigating a holistic approach to living and fitness, this was when I started to question certain so called standard industry practices. I started to read and research a wider range of ideas put forward from individuals such as Paul Chek amongst a whole host of top instructors internationally, nationally and locally in my area who were doing things “different”.

I am grateful for these people for so much for bucking the trend and having the courage to explore these ideas and to share them. I think a defining moment was seeing people like Katie Bulmer Cooke (an old university friend and the current IFS personal trainer f the year) buck the trend and become one of these individuals and seeing Katie do her thing different to how I was taught and how most other people practice really made me question the whole methodology. I think this was defining moment for me for two reasons: being able to do something better that I love doing and now being able to question and look at holistic approaches to treatment of parkinson’s disease.

My mother has parkinson’s disease and I do believe that if I’d not been exposed to ideas such as these that other individuals had explored and shared then I’d dismiss the whole holistic approach of treatment as rubbish and having no credibility.

Thank you!

All these individuals have allowed me to take a step back and look at things from a different angle. This has lead to me researching other important areas that are neglected and considered unconventional. The last three years I have found out so much about the basic and more specific meaning of health, well being and fitness and what it can mean to a broad range of people but more importantly myself and those immediately round me.

I’ve undertook various training awards, workshops, webinars, courses and online course to help me develop my own ideas and theories. I’ve also invested in so many books (some good and some very bad) my partner will kill me if she even saw the amount I spend on them and the fitness equipment. What I have found out is only the tip of the iceberg and will be exploring this further with more research and first hand application by undertaking more seminars, internships and doing it for myself with other people. I’ll be adding a Msc in Strength & Conditioning very shortly to my list of qualifications as I’ve been accepted for a September 2012 start (something that I wish I did sooner).

I’m also in the process of creating an online training community on the 4Ever Fitness website that covers a broad range of health/sport training systems that works you as an individual from the inside out, this is my own theory of “centralisation.”

Stan and myself are also working on an online educational resource centre that aims to give you free access with up to date credible information form the worlds leading experts.

Stay healthy and share your happiness.