A Healthy Routine

Deano 13/11/2017 0
A Healthy Routine

Getting into a healthier routine is hard whoever you are – from exercising more regularly, making better food choices, getting enough sleep, ensuring you have your own time and even family time.

“It takes 21 days to form a new habit.” This is a bit of an urban myth. Research has shown that it can take more than 2 months before a new behaviour becomes automatic – 66 days to be exact. This obviously can vary widely depending on the behaviour, the person and the circumstances.

Bit of a difference from 21 days though.

I know from my own lifestyle that getting back into a healthy routine can be challenging and getting back into training in the gym 3-4 times a week took me 3 months before I could say I wasn’t detesting it and making every excuse not to do it. It took even longer with my diet as I love to eat rubbish food choices like all of us do.

So what happens when you find yourself unable to continue with your routine? A holiday, a trip back home to see mum and dad or even a business trip?

For me, I struggle even if it’s 3 days. I’m straight back into bad habits thinking it’s ok. I’m training but I think it’s ok to eat pizza and ice-cream. Being totally honest, missing my training day – my mood levels drop massively! I end up going to bed later, sleeping in and if I’m going home to see my mum (who is a feeder) I have a home full of sugary foods to battle against.

I often go away travelling around the UK with my photography and while this can see me walking for miles carry my kit, it’s not the same as getting in the gym deadlifting, squatting and pressing. I need access to training facilities and often this is the last thing on my mind to sort out. I’m often too busy sorting out my photography kit and booking last minute trains.

I’ve tried fitness apps in the past that motivate you to train in your hotel room but they are just not my thing. I prefer being in a gym. So when I came across Gym Nomad, I was interested to find out how it could help people like me who travel but don’t want to break their training habits.

Gym Nomad has just launched in Amsterdam. It brilliantly solves the two biggest problems for anyone travelling that wants to maintain their training. First, finding the right place to train. Second, ensuring your visits don’t cost you a fortune.


Finding your gym is really easy! The way the website operates reminds me of airbnb, which I use for most of my travels. I wasn’t overwhelmed trying to find a gym or even a class. You can even search for the a gym that has the right equipment for your needs! So no more hotel gyms without a squat rack and bar! All well within your budget too.

Then all you do is book your class or gym. During this stage you will find out about the specifics such as gym equipment on offer, the opening times and what you need to bring with you. Once you’re happy, you simply sign up for the short term membership by creating a Gym Nomad account so that you can pay for your booking. You then receive your booking code so you can quote the code when you first arrive at the venue.

It really is a great idea and I really hope this concept come over to the UK. The sooner the better as far as I am concerned.

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