Sports Safety – Keeping Yourself Safe

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Sports Safety – Keeping Yourself Safe

When Phil Hughes was struck at the top of the neck by a bouncer at a domestic cricket match Sydney, Australia in November 2014, no one could quite comprehend initially the severity of his injuries. Just two days later, having never regained consciousness, Hughes tragically passed away from his injuries; an event which would affect not only the cricket world, but the sporting world as a whole.

Although an investigation is still underway into the player safety and neck protection, it is not only cricket officials alone who seriously reconsidering the safety of all those involved in the sport, with sales of cricket helmets soaring in Australia, with some stores reporting a 70% increase since the tragedy occurred.  This fatality has been somewhat of a reality check and has affected both amateurs and professionals alike, many of whom are upping their game immensely in terms of protective gear and looking after their own safety, even in sports you may not have considered to be a danger. Whether you’re crazy about cricket or serious about swimming, here are just a few ways in which to ensure you’re as safe as you can be when partaking in your favourite hobby.


Despite already having a large amount of protection in place already, understandably the cricket world have stepped up and increased the way in which they keep their players safe. More now than ever it is essential that you kit up correctly and ensure you’re sufficiently protected whether you’re simply training or taking part in a match. It’s evident that something as simple as a stray ball can cause unimaginable damage, and so from helmets to pads to gloves, stocking up on high quality cricket protection from a company such as Talent Cricket is the best way in which to prevent further tragedies.


Jogging is becoming increasingly popular with the young and old alike, allowing you to truly unwind and clear your mind after even the most stressful of days. Unfortunately, due to current time of year both the mornings and evenings are fairly dark, yet these are the times of day we are often restricted to such activities, and many of us choose to run on poorly lit roads and roadsides. Dressing appropriately is a huge part of safety when jogging, and wearing high-vis clothing will ensure any approaching motorists can see you clearly and in sufficient time to slow down safely is a must.


Whether you’re cycling indoors on a track or outside on a road, a good quality helmet should be your number one priority when you set off on two wheels. Similarly to those who jog, if you’re choosing to use the main roads for your cycling ventures, then high-vis clothing as well as sufficient lighting and reflectors are highly recommended – especially when doing so at night.

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