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Stan 04/05/2012 0
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Hi folks,

I’ve been using my Nike+ SportBand for about three years now and I love it! It’s light, it’s small, it has all the features I currently require and above all it looks great!

Coming in a range of colours, I was struggling to decide between the pink and the yellow band. Only joking! Yellow was the only colour in stock at the time but I didn’t mind. I think it retails at £39.99 and I managed to get a fiver off with a discount card.

It was really easy to set-up and configure on my computer. I needed to put my weight in so it could accurately track my calories burnt. The Nike+ SportBand comes with a shoe sensor and because my shoes are Nike+ enabled it fit straight into my shoe. Nike+ enabled just means my shoes have a little compartment built into the sole. The SportBand also has a hidden USB which fits snuggly back into the band. After a series of runs, I simply plug it into my computer and it automatically uploads my runs to the Nike+ website. Here, I can keep track of all my runs and it displays the distance and time for each run.

It’s starting to look a bit grubby now because I’ve used that much but I’m still very, very happy with it. It’s never let me down, only once have I forgotten to activate it on a run and it was an 8 miler!

Thanks for reading,

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