Dancing Your Way To An Amazing Body

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Dancing Your Way To An Amazing Body

Dancing is one of the most disciplined exercises in the world. Professionals must commit themselves to their performance and as such has incredibly bodies, stamina and strength.

Whilst committing yourself fully to dance is a full-time job, you can incorporate different kinds of dance into your workout for some extra variety. Whether you’re looking for something fun or something intense, there are lots of different parts of dance you can bring into your daily routine.


More contemporary than ballet but using a surprisingly similar style, jazz is a great way to have a lot of fun with jazz, and the basics are quite easy to pick up. This is the perfect style for those who enjoy yoga and Pilates thanks to the amount of flexibility needed to perform the moves like a professional.

In order to incorporate some jazz dance into your workout, you can replace your standard stretches with jazz-inspired positions. You’ll develop stronger leg muscles as well as slowly but surely elongate your upper body.


Ballet is a surprisingly effective work out for the entire body, which especially helps to strengthen your core and improve balance. Many balletic positions and dances can help muscle growth and lengthening, which can help elongate your arms and legs.

Jessica Wilson from Dance Direct notes: “Ballet in particular is a fantastic way for dancers of all ages to increase fitness, flexibility and all-around wellbeing whilst relieving stress and taking part in an activity you enjoy rather than pounding the treadmill.”

If you’re looking to learn the basics, starting with the essential ballet positioning for arms and feet is a great way to start. You’ll know when you’ve truly started to master the basic when you can perform dance from fifth position!

Hip Hop

For something completely different from the above, hip hop dance will really push you to your limits. Perfect for those who enjoy an athletic work out where in you are constantly moving and using different parts of your body, you’ll feel the benefit most in the lower body and stomach.

Hip hop dance will push you to use muscles you’ve never even felt before, as you slide across the floor and even dance on your knees. It’s important to remember it’s safety first, but it’s also a lot of fun for such an intense workout!


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