Creating an Online Presence For Your Personal Training Business

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Creating an Online Presence For Your Personal Training Business

Beyond Facebook and Twitter, there is a massive pool of online marketing resource at your fingertips – a lot of which is barely touched by PTs at the minute. Plus, those already ‘onto’ the tools that can leverage more business, are not necessarily using them all correctly.

Just like an untrained deadlift technique can lead to long-term spinal damage, a rushed approach to web advertising can be devastating to your success.

A Healthy Website

You can get your own website in minutes. Just use the free WordPress platform to learn the ropes – you can always advance to a more complex (paid) set up once you’re familiar with the basics.

Think of a fresh website like a new client who has never worked out before; you have an opportunity to build it up from scratch:

  • Establish what you want your website to be recognised for, e.g. ‘personal trainers Leeds’
  • With this in mind, write a nice homepage for your site that clearly indicates to the reader that you are a personal trainer in Leeds – if possible, use the actual phrase ‘personal trainer in Leeds’ within your content a couple of times
  • Create a blog section on your site – it’s here where you can build a following, provide training advice and prove that you really know your stuff

If you’re not sure how to go about all this or want to know how to create a more complex website, look into a course from the Health and Fitness Education (HFE) – one that includes a business skills module. The PTs on the programme tend to work together, helping each other in areas like this – outside the physical aspect of the profession.

The Most Important Social Network

As the brainchild of the biggest search engine in the world, Google+ destined to become the most important social media platform (it arguably already is).

For starters, there are ways to link your G+ profile to your WordPress site, so that your photo shows up on the search engine like so:

This is proven to attract more internet users than just another blue title on a page of 10 blue titles. Your face or logo will become more recognisable, clickable and, as a result, profitable.

Stacked on top of that, you’re using the most sophisticated social network to engage with your clients or prospective clients. The more active you become, the bigger following you create – Google will acknowledge all of this behaviour and soon see you as an authority in personal training – potentially lifting your website up to page one when people search for ‘personal trainer in Leeds’ etc.

Google+ has much more about it and if you want to know everything, the best way to do it is get involved. Review this G+ guide to find your way around the different features.

Edging Ahead of the Competition

You need to talk to your followers, show them you’re a real person and that you have all the answers to their training questions.

Now, this could mean you have to give valuable advice away for free but such an honest demonstration of knowledge will only work in your favour. People always want to know more and in this line of work, you’re in a unique position to:

  • Advise people on what to do
  • Show them how to do it in a video/image/numbered guide
  • Insist they work with a personal trainer for the best results and to reduce risk

If you like, you could see this post an example of ‘free education’. There’s some actionable pointers in this piece and just by reading, you’re already upping your business game – you could start making moves on this front right now.

Still, if you want to learn from the best business-minded PTs in the country, you need to sign up to a HFE personal trainer course and push yourself in every module.

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