4 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Stan 17/02/2012 1

Do you feel like you’re never out the gym but aren’t happy with the results on the scales? This could be due to a number of reasons so here are four common reasons why you’re not ditching that spare tyre.

1. Rewarding yourself

You may think that half an hour in the gym gives you the right to sink two beers afterwards right? Wrong! You may be consuming twice the calories than you’ve just burned and it may take you another half an hour in the gym to burn off the extra cake or pint. If you do need to satisfy yourself on your cheat day then try going for one small beer or a small slice of fruit loaf. You don’t want to undo all of your hard work.

2. Mindless eating

Some people when they’re in front of the TV enter a kind of trance where there not even sure how many chocolates they’ve just consumed. US studies have shown that keeping a food diary when dieting can double the amount of weight you lose.

3. Liquid calories

All of those healthy juices and smoothies you drink contain lots of sugar. If you’re congratulating yourself with one of these (or the odd beer) every time you’ve just worked out, you’re not only drinking extra calories but your body is metabolising alcohol before processing anything else, which slows fat loss.

4. You don’t have a goal

You may be permanently on a diet and have no idea how much weight you want to lose or what your weight was even before you started. The problem with this is that you’re not getting the satisfaction every week of knowing how much weight you’ve lost. Again, US studies have shown that people who jump on the scales daily lost more weight than those who did it monthly or less. You’re more likely to lose weight when working towards a goal because it keeps weight loss at the forefront of your mind.

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    Great read, thanks. I’ve bookmarked your home page and I look forward to reading more weight loss articles.

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