What To Wear When Skateboarding

Stan 01/12/2014 0
What To Wear When Skateboarding

Skateboarding is a great alternative exercise for those who don’t want to go to the gym every day, and are looking for something more exciting than running. It’s easy to get into, and you don’t need much to get started. Having said that, it’s worth putting a little bit of thought into what you wear to get the most out of the activity. Here are some guidelines to help you get started:


While you might have a sleek, tight fitting running t-shirt, it’s probably not going to be ideal here. You’ll be using your arms a lot to balance, especially when doing tricks, so you need to be able to comfortably move them around without your clothes rubbing. Skateboarding can be a surprisingly cardio intensive workout, so you’ll also want to wear something that isn’t going to make you too hot and sweaty. Fabric that wicks away sweat is ideal.


As with your arms, your legs are going to be moving around in a variety of different directions, so you’ll need some freedom. Tight fitting jeans can make things difficult, and are likely to become uncomfortable quickly, so it’s best to choose something at least a little loose. Don’t go for overly baggy though, or you can end up tripping over yourself. Jeans are a good choice because they are tough; you’ll inevitably fall over, probably each time you go out, and jeans help to prevent small cuts and grazes. Expect to wear these jeans out.


Socks are probably more important than you might think – don’t choose anything too heavy, as your feet will sweat, and overly thick socks will make things worse. They also need to fit well to avoid rubbing. Skate Hut have plenty to choose from. Shoes come in a variety of styles and types, but all will have some things in common. They need to be durable, comfortable and suited to gripping and moving around on the board. Purchasing cheap trainers is false economy, as they simply won’t last the rigours of scraping against grip tape, metal and concrete.


Once you start getting a little more advanced, using ramps and things like that, you will need to wear a helmet. Falling on your head can be pretty dangerous even from relatively short heights, and it’s not worth the risk. There’s a reason pro skaters wear them. Ensure that your helmet fits well to offer maximum comfort and protection, and bear in mind that it may be compromised if it suffers significant impact at any point.


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