Wearable Tech and Future of Fitness

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Wearable Tech and Future of Fitness

Imagine living in a world without Smartphones and computers running our days from the morning alarm to the late night emails. Well it is sure a difficult concept to imagine and this is how technology has impacted our lives. We live in a world where technology has transcended not just our imagination but also our expectations. From Smartphones to tablets and from hybrid laptops to mini-drones or other gadgets, advanced technology is reshaping our lives in a way no one could ever think. These days, we not only hold technology in our hands but are also wear it! Yes, wearable technology is now a reality. It can help us not just monitor our health but also stay motivated to reach their fitness goals.  Some of the most popular products that are included in this type of technology are smartwatches, pedometers, sport watches, fitness trackersand action camcorders.

Wearable technology is that sweet piece of invention which can be worn on body parts and help to monitor various parameters of our health such as our pulse rate, heartbeat, walking speed, distance covered, time taken, cycling speed etc. By the use of these gadgets, any person can know how his/her health is at the moment and what all needs to be done to improve it.Gadgets like fitness trackers etc. that can be used or managed with the help of mobile apps and do not let us hinder from our path to fitness. These apps act like our personal trainers that set goals for us and provide us with customised ways to reach those goals.

Wearable technology also includes other gadgets like Smart glasses etc. which too are highly useful and beneficial not just for your personal use but also at the workplace. Such gadgets increase work productivity and are capable of fulfilling many functions like taking pictures, recording videos, solving issues etc. Due to these hosts of uses, wearable technology items are changing the way we work, live and perform in this competitive world. Infact, this has become so popular and widespread these days that many Tech Gurus predict that they are the next Smartphones or communication devices. Besides helping to track fitness and monitor our health, these devices are also capable of receiving and making calls, sending texts and even clicking pictures. When all these basic functions can be performed from these little products, the need for carrying around Smartphones would eventually be eliminated.

When staying fit and monitoring our progress can be made this easy and convenient, why even think of hiring a personal trainer or a gym instructor? All you need to do is to simply buy a cool Smartwatch or get a fitness band with all the savvy features that technology has to offer. Ofcourse, there is a lot still to be done in this particular field as this technological product is still new and open to a lot of improvements. But there is no better time than this to experience the wonderful invention that wearable technology is!

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