Watching Your Weight

Stan 18/02/2013 0
Watching Your Weight

Hi guys and thanks for reading.

I’ve been fortunate enough to never feel the need to diet. I don’t even like the word to be honest. I think that being on a diet suggests it’s something that people do sometimes and not all the time. How many times do you hear people say “I’ve booked my holiday, I’m now going on a diet.” I believe in eating sensibly and use common sense every day.

To me, if you are educated in a way so you understand the food you consume and you know their nutritional value. You should never need to go on a diet. You will know that if you have a bad day, you can make it up the next and so on.

I also believe that people should always exercise, even if it’s just a little. If you can’t run or lift weights like me, just walking to the shops will help. Exercise combined with healthy eating, will help with your weight loss and increase toning.

Stacey wrote a great article a few months ago called ‘The Best Diet Ever.’ The title was just an attention grabber. Of course there’s no one diet that’s the best, it’s a combination of them all. We’ve all heard of people deciding to go on various diets, but are these realistic and sustainable? I don’t think so. I think whatever you decide to do needs to fit in with your lifestyle too. I have 2 young kids so having meals together is very important. How would it work if I was to say try Intermittent Fasting? I strongly believe in setting an example to my kids so is the right example to fast for numerous hours in front of them? If it’s good for me it should be good for them but it somehow seems crazy to ask them to do this. Whether these reports say it’s healthy or not, I’ll stick to giving my kids what I know works and that’s a balanced diet containing all the vitamins and minerals they need at regular intervals throughout the day.

There is one programme that I would recommend to you and it’s something my Wife used on the run up to our Wedding. It’s called ‘Weight Watchers’ and to me this is not a diet, it’s an education. The programme simply gives food a points system and you have so many points allocated in one day. As long as you stick to the points system, you’ll lose weight. You also get bonus points if you exercise, these points should still be used up in my opinion so you are correctly refuelling your body. Weight Watchers is also a realistic and sustainable programme. It’s something that fits in with your lifestyle too. You can sit around with the family and all eat together. On Weight Watchers you can eat food normally and count out the points before or after your meal but for convenience they also offer their own ready packaged products. The variety is huge and ranges from low fat breads and spreads to cakes, frozen desserts and fresh ready meals, all of which can be found in most major supermarkets.

I recently introduced a great website to my Wife to compare prices, it’s called mySupermarket. Here you can compare the prices of thousands of products. So for any Weight Watchers products, it’ll show you the best prices and deals in all the major supermarkets so you know which store is selling at the best price that day. They also have a special dietary food shelf which shows tons of diet, low fat and low sugar products. You can use the brand filter option on the left side of the screen to show only Weight Watchers items but it’s worth having a look at everything else for inspiration as well, you might get some meal ideas out of it. People think that it costs a lot of money to follow a diet like Weight watchers but with all the special offers out there it doesn’t need to be. On the mySupermarket dietary shelf there’s also an ‘on offer’ filter which you can use to see all the special offers available. As of today there are 71 Weight Watchers offers in Asda, 14 in Tesco and 30 in Sainsbury’s.

If you feel the need to diet and you are jumping between different methods, why not try Weight Watchers and see if they can transform your life? It may just work for you and don’t forget to shop online and use mySupermarket to get the best deals too.

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