Tips To Stay Healthy This Winter

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Tips To Stay Healthy This Winter

It’s something we all do over Christmas and that’s let our hair down and put on some weight. So here are four tips to help you stay fit and healthy this winter.


It’s all in the preparation! Start preparing for all your Christmas indulgences now. Eat clean and train hard for the last few remaining weeks leading up to Christmas. Counter balance those units of alcohol and block of chocolate now so you can enjoy them guilt free over Christmas. By preparing now, you’re also saving some of the hard work you need to put in over January to get back to your best.

You only need 15 minutes to stay healthy in winter. Please read these fantastic tips from Alex Harris, commissioning editor of Men’s Health magazine. Survive winter and emerge healthier than ever!

Don’t shop on an empty stomach

It’s a well known saying and it’s true. We can’t avoid and nor should we, the Christmas parties and drinks. It’s a time to let your hair down and enjoy yourself and we can help ourselves at home by not shopping on an empty stomach. If it’s not in your cupboard, then it’s not going in your mouth! You’ll get plenty of people buying you boxes of chocolates and bottles of wine anyway so save your cash and your waistline by only buying the essentials.

Do plenty of walking

Sunlight is good for fighting off winter fatigue. We all feel it – all you want to do is curl up on the sofa and watch Miracle on 34th Street! Before you do, open those blinds and maybe have a brisk walk around the block to shake off those cobwebs. Also make your home environment as light and airy as possible so turn on those Christmas tree lights.

Get plenty of Vitamin D in your body

Vitamin D gives us healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D also helps us fight off winter fatigue (see tip above). The sun is a good form of Vitamin D but it’s limited over the Christmas period and in the UK in general! Foods like fish, eggs and cereal are all great sources of Vitamin D so stock up now.

Please follow these four simple tips and enjoy your festive break. Merry Christmas!


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