Tips For Winter Walking

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Tips For Winter Walking

Although the weather may be chilly, you should not dismiss a walk in the great outdoors during the winter months.

As Suzanne Nottingham, a spokesperson of the American Council of Exercise, put it to Weightwatchers: “Walking outdoors in winter is extremely invigorating and almost meditative. It’s like you’re part of nature, walking in the midst of howling winds, blowing snow and a bright sun.”

Make your winter hike as comfortable and enjoyable as possible by following these handy tips:

Kit yourself out in appropriate clothing

There is a good chance that you will be caught in a rain or snow shower while exploring the great outdoors throughout the winter.

Be prepared for such changes in the weather by wearing appropriate clothing for the time of year. A thick fleece will keep you cosy no matter how low the temperatures dip, while thermal clothing will give you that extra layer of warmth.

A little more thought will have to go into your choice of boots though. You will want the footwear to be suitable for climbing steep hills and traversing muddy terrains and streams, while also keeping your feet warm and dry. Merrell boots achieve all of this, on top of looking extremely stylish, and are available in a raft of designs at Millet Sports with free delivery.

Ensure you are seen

The days are shorter during the winter, with very little daylight when the sky is grey or the weather is misty and foggy. Therefore, it is very important that you are always seen when out on a hike.

Attempt to stay on paths dotted with streetlights or clearly marked tracks if you are heading out into the countryside. It’s recommended that you take a jacket with reflective strips or a hi-visibility vest to ensure you catch the eye.

Check your route

While you shouldn’t need to worry too much if you are just walking to a local park or around a neighbourhood, you will want to check the weather forecast before hiking across one of the UK’s mountain ranges.

Fortunately, the Met Office regularly updates its online mountain area forecast chartto ensure you know when it’s a good time to head on a trek and when it is best to plan a different walking route.


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