The Benefits Of Wearing A Sports Bra

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The Benefits Of Wearing A Sports Bra

For females who train regularly, a good sports bra is an essential. Whilst they may not be the most attractive item of lingerie on the market, donning one whilst you work out can improve your comfort and performance and even help delay sagging that may occur over time. The team at Blossom Lingerietake a look at some of the benefits of wearing a sports bra.

Super Support

If there’s one thing a bra should provide you with whilst exercising, it’s support. This is both a short and long term benefit. Short term, you won’t need to worry about your breasts jumping about and going on a workout of their own, which can be an uncomfortable and humiliating experience. Over time, the benefits become even greater as, without a proper sports bra, intense physical activity can cause the ligaments surrounding the breast to stretch and eventually tear. This in turn can cause to your breasts to sag and droop – not a look you want to aim for! Because a sports bra will hold your breasts tightly and minimise movement, it will drastically reduce the risk of ligaments around the breast area tearing and therefore minimise the risk of premature sagging and help to maintain your breast shape.

Handy Storage

Did you know that some sports bras now have storage compartments? These allow you to work out without having to worry about carrying your phone, money, keys or MP3 player around the gym or out on your run. You are able to tuck them away, safely out of the sight of others, so you never need to worry about losing those essential items again!

No Sweat

An incredible amount of research and development has gone into the sports bra industry in recent years, and technical advances have led to the development of bras which serve to regulate temperature and minimise sweat. You can now purchase sports bras which are designed to wick away sweat, leaving you without those embarrassing pools of sweat showing through your t-shirt. Plus, there are a number of bras on the market which use lightweight fabric and are designed to encourage and stimulate air flow, allowing you to feel fresh and cool throughout your session.

Optimum Comfort

You’d probably worked out already that all of the above leads to increased comfort, but there’s more to consider too. Sports bras are developed using soft, lightweight fabrics and generally do not contain any under wires. You won’t need to worry about uncomfortable under wires, straps or hooks digging in when you’re wearing a sports bra. They offer wider coverage which means that the breast tissue is distributed more evenly, resulting in a comfortable, even fit.

If you have been regularly exercising without the added protection of a sports bra, you’re sure to notice the difference when you make the change. We recommend that women with breasts sized A-C cup opt for a compression-style sports bra, which will hold your breasts tightly together. Those with a D-cup or larger will be better off choosing an encapsulated sports bra which separates your breasts in moulded cups. Whatever you choose, make sure you purchase the correct size and enjoy your work out!


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