Small Steps

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Small Steps

HI everyone,

I just wanted to present to you  some of my thoughts about what you can eat and how to eat better.

Think about what you have had to eat today ;

Did it come in a wrapper/package?

Did it contain sugar?

Did it have a list of ingredients on the back, half of which you have never heard of?

For a lot of people the answer to those questions will be YES.




It’s getting harder these days just to get real food, people think they are eating a ‘healthy’ snack bar, but look on the package and find sugar in there somewhere or some other ingredient which is damaging our health, yet promoting a very different message! A handful of nuts will be a lot more beneficial!

I’ll admit it is an effort to really, and  I mean REALLY eat clean. When I first started I was wandering around the supermarket checking labels for sugar, wheat, gluten, e numbers etc and only came out with half a basket of food! I was thinking how the hell do I survive on this?!

I went about it the hard way just cutting out anything with more than 1 ingredient , I found it difficult making meal times more adventurous than just meat and veg. By following some recipes I found online, and coming up with some of my own, I now love meal times and actually geek out about what to have!

During this time I went through a phase of boycotting supermarkets, as I dislike their manipulative ways of having all the biscuits and chocolate aisles  near the checkouts so, as your waiting, the cookies are just sitting there innocently alongside the family sized chocolate bar waiting to be added to your basket, whilst the veg and meat are at opposite ends of the store, so you have to pass everything they have to offer on the way! Really annoying! But I know this is just great marketing skills from their part.

I decided to try shopping at nearby farm shops and markets to get local produce until I realised even some of these establishments didn’t get their produce locally!?

So finally I went back to a supermarket and opted for the fairtrade and organic where possible,. ‘Try what works for you’ I say this often and I stand by it, if there is a market nearby try it out, but first lets get on with the actual article of ‘small steps’!

Whether you drink 5 cans of coke a day or eat relatively ‘healthy’ I’m here to help. Every single person is different and this is where we find out what works for you. You might have to try new things and experiment with different foods or more unusual ways of combining your foods and for now just make small additions to your existing day, so…. if your willing …read on!

Have a think back to what you have eaten today (again!) and lets start from there, have you had a glass of water or did you start your day with a coffee?

Take small steps, if you know your nutrition isn’t really up to scratch don’t panic and start thinking ‘arghhh I’m going to have to cut out this food and never drink that again’ lets focus on what you can add into your existing daily food intake.

Lets start with an extra glass of water a day for a week, simple as that.

The following week add some green veg like spinach, broccoli, kale, courgettes, green beans, peas etc to at least one meal a day.

If your not very active start with just going for a walk before dinner. Keep it simple just start moving around a bit more!

If you get a lot of fruit & veg each day, try some you haven’t done so before. Experiment with them raw or in smoothies!

Smoothie! Now there’s a topic, I won’t spend too long on this but what I will say is the smoothies I recommend people concoct are REAL food, not powered shakes, weight loss shakes or slimming drinks. They contain real ingredients and are super good for you, here is the most common one I recommend which I first heard Joe Rogan speak of;

250ml Rice Milk (sometimes I just use water though)

1 Banana

Handful of Kale

Depending on your blender I’d leave it a good few minutes to really get rid of any lumps! Also if your new to greens, just a small handful of kale to start will do the job just fine.

So there you have some small tips, to take small steps, which in turn lead to big results. Everyone has to start somewhere and at some point so start today, start thinking more positive, surround yourself with positive people and the whole process will become a hell of a lot easier!

I hope this helps you take some small steps!


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