Running or Walking – Which is the Best Exercise for You?

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Running or Walking – Which is the Best Exercise for You?

In fitness circles, there has long been a debate over whether running or walking is the most beneficial form of exercise. Fans of running will point out that you burn more calories by taking a run, while walkers state they are much less likely to pick up an injury when undertaking their favoured form of exercise. So, is it better to run or to walk? Which activity is more likely to increase your fitness levels and help you achieve your goals? The answers are very much dependant on you as an individual.

What Do You Want to Achieve?

Before undertaking any form of regular exercise, it is advisable to decide exactly what you want to get out of your new fitness regime. Is it simply a matter of increasing your overall fitness level or do you wish to lose weight and achieve a toned appearance? Decide how much time you can devote each day to your fitness activities and what impact it may have on your other daily routines. It is important to set yourself some sort of measurable goal so that you have something to aim for. Fitbug Orb is ideal for measuring your ongoing performance and gauging how close you are to your ultimate objectives.

The reason it is important to decide beforehand just what you want to get out of your fitness regime is that running and walking are two very different beasts. If you are completely new to exercise, the activity of running is really not for you. The high-impact intensity of a solid run will simply put too much strain on a body that is ill-prepared for such an activity. Running is better suited to those who possess a decent level of fitness to begin with.

The Benefits of Running

It has been scientifically proven that running burns more calories than walking. Those with a calorie counter will be amazed at what can be achieved by embarking on regular runs. As you use up to two and a half times more energy running rather than walking, it stands to reason that you will burn more calories. An average person burns 800 calories per hour running, while walking for the same period of time burns 300 calories.

The Benefits of Walking

Despite these facts, walking still has a number of benefits too. As the act of walking is less high-impact than running, you are much less likely to suffer from injuries such as hamstring strains, knee complaints or shin splints. In addition, walking is highly beneficial in a spiritual sense. The slower pace of the activity allows you to take in more of your surroundings, emptying your mind of worries in the process. It is still a good way to lose weight too, so keep your fitness app to hand to measure your progress.

Running and walking are both highly effective forms of exercise but which is best for you depends on your personal fitness level and abilities. Beginners and those less physically able will benefit from regular walks, while those of a more advanced level will achieve more by running.


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