Regaining your body with Kelly Garsia

Kelly 01/12/2014 0
Regaining your body with Kelly Garsia

Hi everyone,

I’m very excited to be featured on the fab 4Ever Fitness!

You see I’m currently on a mission, a mission to help men and women regain their bodies and more importantly their health! I want to help men and women who are frustrated at never achieving their goals.

I’m on this mission because something I’m learned first hand this year is that health is of vital importance for a person’s happiness and I see so many unhappy people that I’ve made it my goal for 2015 to help 10 people a month start to regain their body back, and help them stay in great shape :)  

Even if your really busy struggling to find any time to exercise, I understand as I’m a full time specialist tutor working with autistic children while being a mumtrepreneur!  Even just being a mum is more than a full time job!

So I know that not everyone has the time to go to classes/gym or even the confidence simply because I was that person.

The beauty of keeping fit and being healthy with exercise is that you can use your own body! you can add all the fancy gear later meaning you can start today!

Regaining your body is a nutritional cleansing and weight management program that works over 69 days and is broken down into three stages;

1) A cleanse that is designed to help you remove stored toxins feel lighter and more energised!  I’ve had clients after doing the cleanse reduced their body fat %, felt lighter, reduced bloating, have more energy and lost weight!

2) Sustainable weight-loss, you will be taught how new nutritional and exercise strategies to reach your target goals in a safe and suitable manner, remember quick fixes are not fixes!

3) Build lean muscle (ladies this does not mean you will look like a body builder), this last section will simply help to tone your body!

I will be running this program on a two monthly basis accepting 10 people at a time starting in January with the next intake being the start of March, I am only taking 10 people on board so that you get the outstanding service and guidance from not only myself but a specialist trainer within a secret group meaning support is there 24/7!

In the group you will have access to exclusive exercises to boost metabolism, learn life lasting tips to help burn fat quicker that you will not get anywhere else!

Best of all this can be done in private in your own home and the kids could even join in!

If you want to see the power of the program and the transformation pictures then check out “Kelly Garsia’s Regaining Your Body” there will be lots of helpful tips and advice on health & fitness from our specialist trainer!

I wish you all the best in your health for 2015!


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