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Stan 26/11/2012 0

Hi guys,

I wrote an article back in April about your skin and exercising. This post is similar in some ways but I guess it’s more of a reiteration. Here’s my story in more detail for those of you that missed it…

It was around the year of 2008 when my skin problems first started. It appeared in the form of an itchy, red rash and believe me it was bad. My lifestyle around that time was poor, poor as in my diet and lack of exercise. I’d got myself into a bad routine and I knew I needed to change it but sometimes we all need a kick up the back-side now and then. My skin problems were getting me down, I wouldn’t say I was depressed but it was close. There were times when I’d find myself in tears because of the discomfort or because I just didn’t have answers. I was backwards and forwards to the Doctors and I must have tried hundreds of steroid creams. My skin rash came and went over the course of another year but I always felt it was just masking the problem.

It wasn’t until I was referred to my local dermatologistthat I started to get answers. After a few sessions and some wonderful advice it was like I had been blessed with new skin! Everyone’s skin issues will of course be different but what turned out to my problem was a cow’s milk allergy. Basically everything I loved at the time like cakes, cheese and chocolate. I cut it all out for two weeks and I instantly felt better. No more skin problems and no more fatigue, this was another symptom.

So why of all of a sudden when I hit 30 did I get a cow’s milk allergy? Your answer is as good as mine but I do believe my diet and lack of exercise at the time contributed to it. What does it mean for me now? I consume soy milk or soya milk as it’s sometimes known. It took a while to get used to it but I guess I don’t have a choice. I also have goat’s cheese and my local supermarket now has a freefromaisle. You wouldn’t believe the type of things you can get dairy free these days and they don’t taste that bad actually.

As well as my diet change, I hit the gym again. I believe the combination of both of these things, keep my skin issues at bay. I must admit having itchy inflamed skin, did keep me out of the gym as I wasn’t sure if it was a sweat related rash or not. Also, the two showers a day didn’t help either. These days I allow an extra 15 minutes onto my morning routine just for skincare. I get a repeat prescription for two things, Oilatumand a general moisturiser. I couldn’t recommend these products highly enough as my skin feels brand new everyday.

If you’d like more information about your skin and exercising, including all the benefits. Just click the red bold copy you’ve just read. I don’t like to duplicate stuff on here.

Thanks for reading and I hope you find the answers you were looking for.

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