My Brother Is A Very Important Person

Stan 21/01/2014 0
My Brother Is A Very Important Person

While we all know that smoking is a terrible habit, it can be hard to give up. Smoking is addictive and even though people know the damage it is doing to them and the impact it has on their finances, it can be difficult to stop. This is where friends and family members need to get involved and provide encouragement to smokers. There is a need to help people to give up and if you have someone close to you who is smoking, you should look to encourage them and provide them with options to stop smoking.

After all, if your brother was still smoking, you’d know that this was endangering his health, so it is only natural that you would want to help them give up smoking. I’ve written a couple of posts in the past directed at my Brother such as this one. Unfortunately they seem to go in one ear and out the other. If you’re reading this post Michael, here are few other things you could try:


Nicotine patcheshave been a popular way to stop smoking in recent times. These patches acknowledge that people still require a nicotine fix but want to achieve it in a safer manner. This is where these patches are of great benefit, providing a regular amount of nicotine into the blood stream. There is the opportunity to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine taken in from these patches, helping people to quit over time.


Similar to patches, nicotine gum can offer people a healthier way to get nicotine without the toxins and harmful chemicals that cigarettes provide. Again, these can be used to reduce the dependency on nicotine, helping people to give up.

Electronic Cigarettes

There is no doubt that emergence of the electronic cigarette in recent times has been a great boon for people looking to stop smoking. It can be difficult for people to give up but these e-cigarettes provide much of the benefits of smoking with a reduced level of the negative elements of smoking.  Electronic cigarettes such as VIP remove the tar and harmful toxins, so people can be more confident about their health.

An electronic cigarette can be used indoors in many places and it provides people with something to do with their hands, a complaint from smokers trying to quit. The cost saving may not come with electronic cigarettes but people can at least improve their health.


An increasing number of people are turning towards hypnotism to give up smoking. This process sees a professional unlocking your reliance on nicotine and convincing you that there is no need to be reliant on smoking. This has been a successful approach for many people, helping countless people to stop being reliant on cigarettes.

Incentivise The Act of Stopping Smoking

Some people are able to quit smoking when they come to terms with how much money they are spending on cigarettes. If you start saving the money you would normally spend on cigarettes, you will find that you will have a lot more money at your disposal. This is where you may be able to afford a car or to go on a fancy holiday.

If you have a loved one that is smoking, it makes sense to take steps to help them stop smoking. Believe me, I’ll try anything to help my Brother.


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