Muscle Building Tips

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Muscle Building Tips

There are so many elements which help to play a part in getting in shape. There’s trying to find the perfect fitness regime, working out what foods to eat and what to avoid, finding the time to get fit and the issue of building muscle to help make working out a little easier.

Building muscle mass is something everyone should consider when trying to keep fit. Whether you visit the local gym, go running every day or decide to take up a contact sport, it’s important that your body has the strength needed to get you through each session without succumbing to fatigue.

Top tips

Every muscle mass-building routine should be intense, rhythmic and set to a strict timetable. This will ensure that you get the best possible results from your workout.

There are a number of sure-fire routines to help you build muscle mass effectively and flawlessly. To get you on the right track, here are a couple you could try to help get you started:

Routine one

Preferred mainly by gym members, this one has pretty much all bases covered. It involves:

  • Taking three off-days a week: this allows for effective recovery from intense workout sessions and ensures some sort of continuity
  • One day working on the chest/triceps/shoulders
  • One day working on the legs
  • One day for the back/biceps
  • One day for the calves/abs

Training each muscle group over the course of a day every week is shown to be effective, but a whole day for muscle recovery isn’t necessary.

Routine two

This is used by many athletes to help build up muscle mass, and has pretty good results. This routine involves:

  • Two sessions for the legs
  • Two sessions for the upper body
  • Three off-days

This is easy to understand, plus recovery time is ample enough to restore energy levels for each session. During each session, they can focus on different parts of the body, which provides a little flexibility.


As far as building muscle is concerned, supplements can help. Whether in the form of energy drinks such as Craze from Driven Sportsor whey protein drinks, they can help to boost you when you need it the most pre or post-workout.


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