Looking After Yourself

Stan 15/11/2012 4
Looking After Yourself

Afternoon folks,

Well I’ve been busy, busy, busy! My Daughter’s now just over five months old and my Son turned three last month. That’s the personal stuff out of the way and business is also booming. I’m into my second year now and I’ve also been helping out my Wife with her new venture called Arty apple. Fitness wise, things are looking pretty good. After the Newcastle Stampede I took my foot off the gas but now I have a new challenge and it starts on Christmas Day! If you’d like more information on it, please see my blog. One other thing, if anyone ever complains of being busy, lets just swap lives for a day and then we’ll compare notes.

Ok, that’s a quick overview from me at the moment so what I’d like to quickly talk to you about today is simply, looking after yourself. That’s the main reason I helped found this website. I wanted to help provide free health and fitness advice online. Deano helped me understand how to look after yourself. It’s a mindset thing, once someone drills it into you, it never goes away. I don’t train to look good, I train so I’ll hopefully add years to my life and I want to be setting an example to my kids. Of course some things are out of your control. Just before Total Warrior, Deano suffered a serious knee injury and it meant he couldn’t compete. When you exercise, technique is important so you don’t injure yourself but sometimes an injury is out of your hands. I’d seriously recommend looking into some kind of health insurance for yourself. It just gives you peace of mind with every day life too.

I laughed the other day. I needed to give my DOB to someone and I needed to think for a second about what my actual age was! I’m only 33 but I couldn’t work out whether I was 33 or 34. I actually let out a smile and thought “great” when I discovered I had another year to spare. Looking after yourself as you get older is an interesting one too. I was about 30 when ‘things slowly started going wrong.’ I became allergic to dairy and I still believe that was down to my diet at the time. I realised I needed to treat my body with a little bit more respect and things I was doing in my 20′s, I was no longer getting away with. It’s like a game of football. When you were eight, you would get kicked all over and you’d still just get up and get on with it. I felt like I could run into a brick wall and bounce off it. Now I can’t brush past a table without it hurting for days afterwards, plus I get a massive bruise for the pleasure.

Ok, I’m blabbering now. I think that’s all I wanted to say today. Get cover and start treating your body with a little bit more respect (if you aren’t already).

Thanks for reading and look after yourself,


  1. Alex 01/01/2013 at 2:13 am - Reply

    ‘Treat your body with some respect.’ I like that quote…

  2. Amy 16/02/2013 at 1:18 am - Reply

    I forget my age too Stan! :)

  3. John 16/02/2013 at 1:18 am - Reply

    Great post Stan, all the best.

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