Latest Trends in Mens’ Sportswear

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Latest Trends in Mens’ Sportswear

Summer is finally here and we are all hitting the gym with enthusiasm. Whether you are trying to burn those last few post-Christmas pounds, or you are maintaining your current physique; there is always an excuse to reconsider your sportswear. It may be that you are a fan of the humble jogging bottoms, or you prefer shorts – there is a trend to suit everyone’s personal workout style this year.

Sophisticated Gym Wear

This season is all about being a gentleman even when you are working out. Maybe it is the Great Gatsby effect, or simply that our gym wear has become dull; whatever the reason it is time to smarten up. Starting with this Superdry Henley T-Shirt. This is the perfect example of smart, functional sportswear. The collar adds in all the sophistication you need, whilst the logos are neatly placed to give the overall look of a college named sweat top. The Superdry collection at: is a great place to start hunting for your gym look.

The general rules for sophisticated gym wear are plain colours, white high top trainers and of course a collar.

The Hooded Sweatshirt

When we consider the classic hooded top, we think thick material, bulky and too warm for the gym. However, they ultimately look timeless and are the epitome of sportswear, but they now have a fresher, gym perfect redesign. The hooded sweatshirt is breathable, easy to style over shorts or jogging bottoms and is fashion forward enough to be worn out after your workout.

Now, there are many forms of hooded sweatshirts available, from the long sleeved classic through to the short sleeved version. Which style you choose will really come down to what you are wearing the item for. Tennis, weights and kick boxing will require freedom of movement in your arms; opting for short sleeved here would definitely be the best look.

The Bright Trainers

When we say bright, we mean it. This seasons trainers are all about colour over anything else, from luminous oranges through to leaf greens – there will be a colour to suit everyone’s personality. Let’s face it, we may not all want to wear purple trainers, so this has to come down to you as an individual rather than what the trends decide for us.

If you are struggling to get on board with the incredibly bright, then why not pick a pair of running shoes like this Adidas pair from the collection of men’s running shoes at Littlewoods. The blue is bright enough to be bang on the trend, but they are muted enough to match with variety of shorts and sweatpants. On top of all this they promote the integral safety elements that you need when running. The EVA inner sole has been designed for maximum comfort and to take the full impact, making these trainers not just fashion forward, but protective of your joints too.



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