Fitness Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

Stan 03/12/2013 0
Fitness Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

It’s that time of year again. It won’t be long before we start thinking about our New Year’s resolutions and how we’ll to stick to them. For hundreds of thousands of people across the UK, that resolution will be to get fit. However, as with most resolutions, our intentions are good, but we start to slip after a couple of months. Here’s how you can stick to your new fitness program and keep it going for the full year and beyond:

Find a gym buddy

There’s a common misconception that going to the gym is a solo activity; plug in a pair of headphones, drown everything out and get on with your fitness regime. While this can help you focus in the short term, you may become demotivated and bored as the months creep by. As other gym regulars start making better progress than you, you might start to feel frustrated.

Picking a gym buddy to train with could be the motivator you need to stick at it. Ideally, the person should be equally, if not more, motivated than you are. That way, you can spur each other on and have someone else to support you.

Develop a home fitness plan

If pounding electro-beats and long queues for equipment aren’t your cup of tea, you should consider exercising from home. A lot of people feel they need to pay extortionate gym fees in order to motivate their repeat visits. However, you’ll soon forget about that monthly charge as you swear off the gym each month.

To counteract this, you can exercise from home for fairly cheap if you order equipment from companies like Best Gym Equipment. For smaller budgets, aerobic equipment like steps, skipping ropes and pilates mats all have relatively low barriers to entry. If you’re willing to splash out a little, you could also invest in a single, more expensive piece of gym equipment. Technogym is a brand that’s become increasingly popular for fitness junkies who work out at home. From exercise bikes to cross trainers, there are plenty of options available to get your home gym operation off the ground.

Track your progress

A lot of people lose faith in their fitness plan because they can’t see the immediate difference it’s making. It’s important to remember that improved fitness, especially when it comes to weight loss and muscle gain, is a gradual process of incremental change. You won’t wake up looking like a chiselled Greek god after your first session at the gym.

To put things in perspective, track your weight and figure by recording it. This could involve keeping a written journal or taking pictures of yourself week by week. It’s also a good idea to seek advice and help from personal trainers to keep you on track and constantly challenged. There are also plenty of fantastic beginners guides to exercise to help you get started.


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