Fitness at Home: Solutions for All Homes

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Fitness at Home: Solutions for All Homes


There are countless excuses for skipping the gym classes. When you exercise at home, however, you can no longer complain about getting hungry, about missing your favorite TV show or fear that other people will point finger at you because of your weight problem. Also, if you are the super-busy type you will realize it can take only 20 minutes to go through a good workout session, without wasting time on getting from one place to another, getting equipped, preparing for the gym and so on. Here you will find ideas for small and big homes and tips on how to get a beneficial workout.


The Easy Slimming Solutions for Small Interiors


If your house is not too generous in terms of available room, you can include in your home gym arsenal some of the smaller but very efficient devices. Kettlebells are like small bowling balls with handles, used for fast trimming and toning. They help burn many calories, up to 20 a minute, which is quite a joy to the overweight. Swinging kettlebells works the big muscle groups. You may add a jumping rope, suspension nylon straps, cheap weights and so on. You can use your couch, armchair, table or chair edge as a handrail for barre work. This is what dancers frequently do, and they sculpt their body to look tones and lean. Many exercise studios feature handrails. Get a fitness mat that you can roll and unroll easily, it will be great for yoga as well as for many exercises that you will learn online.


Ideas for the Bigger Homes and for More Efficient Workout


Using home furniture such as chairs and couches for your home workout is an effective solution, but it can take much of your time, as you will mostly be training one group of muscles at a time. To ensure a better strength training and a less time consuming workout, you can invest in various devices that work for you. The good news is that, after you have tested these at a gym, you can have them in your home through a hire service. For starters, it is the easiest to hire exercise bike, as this will ensure the basic part of a workout routine, the cardio. When you have a bike at home and pedal away, time flies and you will have completed one training round more quickly. As this cardio routine I set, you will have to enrich your training through complex exercises that focus on building the muscular mass. For really complex sessions, you may hire a rower. These ensure that your entire body gets a workout, as you use your legs, arms and the big muscle groups in between. It will burn calories effectively and will also improve posture. Fitness balls and treadmills are also available to hire if you have enough room for them.

As you plan which equipment to hire, think of your fitness goals and choose accordingly. Cycle the exercise types and, if you get one or two pieces of big equipment, don’t forget the small ones. Diversity is something to look for. A home gym will help you reach your fitness goals much quicker.


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