Choose Contacts Over Glasses For Your Workout

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Choose Contacts Over Glasses For Your Workout

As anyone who wears glasses knows full well, exercising with frames on your face doesn’t make for the most comfortable experience. In fact, it’s downright annoying. But for some, making the switch to contacts simply doesn’t seem possible because of a fear of irritation and discomfort. Also, certain folks simply aren’t interested in getting that close to their eyes while others would rather stick with glasses at all times.

But if you’re serious about exercise and require the boost to your vision that comes with glasses and/or contacts, maybe it’s time to make that change. Here are some great ways that you (and anyone you’re exercising with, for that matter) will benefit.

You’ll Be Much More Comfortable

According to Acuvue, there are a bunch of activities and routines that will be undeniably improved by switching to contacts. From running to contact sports to racquet games, you will see an instant improvement in your abilities and, eventually, your comfort. Not only that, but your peripheral vision will be drastically improved because, well, you pretty much lose your peripheral when wearing glasses.

While it’s true that you could go with workout goggles, chances are you won’t want to do that for style and comfort’s sake. Also, as any of these activities become more vigorous, you’ll be more prone to your glasses (and even goggles) slipping or becoming detached. Who wants to worry about that when they’re in the middle of a match? And if you’re worried about sweat getting into your eyes and lenses, just get a headband.

Your Routine Will Also Benefit

As a result of what is mentioned above, your exercise routine, whatever it might be, will benefit if you go the contacts route. You won’t have to constantly adjust your glasses, worry about them falling off or getting broken, etc… and you can instead just focus on whatever you’re doing.

But if you just have to stick with your glasses for some of your exercise schedule due to irritation, do so during the weight-lifting portions or anything that’s not quite as active. Also, should you choose to wear them while swimming, make sure you also wear the appropriate eye goggles. It’s also recommended to put on some of your disposal contacts before swimming so you can just discard them once you’re done.

Don’t Worry About Dry Eyes

There are some people who will tell you that your eyes will dry out if you wear contacts during exercise, though that’s really not the case anymore. The lenses that are being made and sold today are much more capable of retaining moisture compared to just five years ago. But if you do feel your eyes getting slightly irritated or dry, make sure you have eye drops nearby to take care of that.

Hopefully these tips will assist you in convincing yourself (or even a friend) that going the contacts route for exercise is the way to go. Your eyes will thank you.


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