Can An Electronic Cigarette Really Help Me Quit Smoking?

Stan 25/04/2015 0
Can An Electronic Cigarette Really Help Me Quit Smoking?

Quitting smoking is really tough, so it’s no surprise that so many people struggle to do it successfully, no matter how much they know that it’s bad for their health. Although nicotine patches and gum can help some people beat the habit, for others it’s much harder and despite attempt after attempt to quit, they end up turning back to cigarettes. If you’d like to quit smoking in order to improve your fitness, you should consider trying an electronic cigarette.

E-cigs are so popular because they emulate the process of smoking as well as providing nicotine. Nothing else comes close to the sensation of dragging on a cig than electronic cigarette does. Half the battle with quitting smoking is the habit and the ritual; taking a break outside, lighting up a cigarette and enjoying the sensation of smoking it. An electronic cigarette allows you to continue with this habit and ritual without any of the health problems.

Many see their electronic cigarette as a replacement for tobacco, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. E-cigs don’t contain the cancer-causing chemicals that the tar in normal tobacco does, which means it’s far healthier to get a nicotine fix with them than standard fags. However, for many people it is the nicotine addictionthat they want to beat too, and simply replacing the source of the drug isn’t helpful.

There is no reason why e-cigs can’t be successfully used to quit smoking completely, though. The process simply takes a little more time than if you were to go cold turkey or use nicotine patches. This is because you need to gradually reduce the strength of nicotine you consume, until your smoking very low or even zero nicotine e-cigs.

Quitting gradually and over a longer period of time often helps people to stay smoke-free more than if they try to rush the process. This is because it gives the body time to get used to lower and lower levels of nicotine. Their withdrawal symptoms are therefore lessened, they have less cravingsand eventually find themselves barely using their electronic cigarette, until they reach a point where they don’t need it all and don’t miss it.

Overall, using an electronic cigarette to quit is an effective method. The hardest part is avoiding it becoming a replacement as it fills the space in your hand where your cigarette used to be, but if you stay determined and reduce nicotine strength slowly, you’re likely to be successful and on track for a healthier future.


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