5 Workouts to Help You Become a Better Cyclist

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5 Workouts to Help You Become a Better Cyclist

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Cycling requires a high level of endurance and stamina and while anyone can ride a bike, it takes a lot of time and dedication to become a hardy cyclist. While it’s true that you get out what you put in, dismounting and training could benefit you just as much.

If you’re new to cycling, coming back after a break, or find yourself lagging too quickly, track your progress with the Superbody app and try these 5 workouts.

Circuit Training

One of the key aspects to becoming a better cyclist is cardiovascular endurance – improving the health and performance of your heart. To strengthen this muscle, exercise until your heart rate is up, then sustain while doing 10-15 minutes of circuit training. This is one of the best forms of exercise for cardiovascular health, as it’s high impact and works a variety of muscles.

Interval Training

Similarly to circuit training, interval offers an intense physical workout. However, there’s one key difference – rest periods. This form of training works by performing short bursts of high-impact exercise, interspersed with shorter resting intervals. Used by athletes, interval training can burn fat as well as increase endurance, strength and speed. Great exercises include sprinting, stair climbing and rowing.


Cross Training

This may seem a little odd, as cross training involves exercising and becoming better at sports other than cycling. You’re saying “but I want to become better at cycling!” However, there are benefits to training in other areas, as you will train muscle groups not normally used by cyclists, increasing your strength and overall fitness. Choose from a range of activities such as running and rock climbing.


Strength Training

Using resistance to strengthen muscles, this form of training covers a wide range of exercises from pole dancing and Pilates to weightlifting and javelin. This type of workout has a number of health and functional benefits, such as healthier joints and increased muscle strength. Strength training can also help to lower your chance of injury, so it’s great to help you become a better cyclist.


Recover and Recuperation

When you’ve been cycling and pushed yourself a little too far, you know about it the next day. While you can take salt baths or eat foods that help muscles recover, there are also active recovery exercises to speed up the process. Try swimming, yoga or taking a slow and steady jog to increase blood flow to muscles, reduce pain and help you get back on your bike.



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