4 Top Exercise Equipment Gadgets

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4 Top Exercise Equipment Gadgets

In today’s world, technology is evolving and improving at a rapid pace, and this means that there seems to always be an exciting new electronic gadget being released. This leads to improvements in all kinds of different areas: business, entertainment, time management, general utility, etc. But among these, one of the most exciting aspects of life in which new gadgets are being implemented is that of fitness and exercise. With that in mind, here are four of the hottest exercise equipment gadgets as of early 2013.

1. Nike+ FuelBand

The latest fitness accessory from Nike is a very exciting development for people who are interested in tracking their exercise progress. The band, worn on the wrist, tracks all of your activity throughout the day – steps taken, calories burned, etc. – whether you’re running, walking, or even playing sports. You can then transfer the data to the Nike+ website and track yourself to establish new goals and even, if you choose, compete with your friends to see who can earn the most “Nike Fuel.”

2. Bicygnals Angel Illuminated Helmet

This intriguing new product from MySmartBuy.com is perfect for people who like to get their exercise through cycling. It operates not only as a sleek and safe bicycle helmet, but also as a signal to cars and other cyclists in the dark. The helmet has a bright yellow LED halo-like light around its top, making you easy to spot during your rides at any time of day. This allows you to get in as much cycling as you want, at any time you want.

3. BodyMedia CORE Armband

A total monitor for health, this armband uses four separate sensors to track different bodily functions and habits (for example, how quickly heat leaves your body) in order to come up with an accurate count on how many calories you burn each day. Additionally, the band helps to measure how long it takes you to fall asleep. Using this information, in addition to an online program into which you can list your daily meal consumption, the device helps to improve and optimise your weight loss efforts.

4. Fitness Apps

Aside from specific devices that can help with your fitness efforts, electronic fitness apps are the most popular electronic advancements geared toward healthier lifestyle. To list one would be to ignore so many others that can be helpful, but the general idea is that such apps can help you to track exercise efforts and progress in a very careful way. The apps can then help you to figure out what works and what doesn’t, and how you can most effectively stay in shape.



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