4 Important Triathlon Tips

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4 Important Triathlon Tips

Chances are high that you’ve had about Triathlon, may be from your colleague and you are probably wondering what it is all about. Well, in simple and clear language, a triathlon usually starts with a swim and it is then followed by riding a bike and finally a run.  The race distances involved usually vary a lot and depend on individual distances. For the swim, this usually takes place in open water or a swimming pool. When you are participating in an ideally open water event, then you are going to require a good quality wetsuit.

Being one of the fastest growing and most popular sports, it is essential that you train properly if you want to pop your Triathlon racesuccessfully. In this regard, here are four training tips that will certainly make you a Triathlon superstar.

Start training early

Unless you are an experienced endurance athlete, you will need to train for all the three sporting activities involved as early as possible. If you haven’t been training regularly for swimming, running and bike riding for the past couple of weeks, you will need to train well and give your body some time to adapt. Remember that Triathlon makes you very vulnerable of suffering some injuries and you will need to be a seasoned sports person to finish the game successfully.

Pay for training if necessary

As far as learning new skills is concerned, it sometimes makes sense that you hire a coach for your training. Learning by yourself through trial and error can really cost you a lot especially if you are a beginner in this part of the world. As such, make a point of joining a club or have a coach working with you so that you have an upper hand in the game. Also, your coach will advise you on the best Triathlon wetsuit that you should buy to enhance your success.

Enjoy your training

People make a very serious mistake of taking their life very seriously. Training for a sport like Triathlon should be fun and while some sections could be daunting, you have to teach your mind to enjoy everything. In this regard, concentrate more on having some fun during your training sessions and avoid focusing more on the challenging aspect of the sport.

Select a good wetsuit

Selecting a good quality Triathlon wetsuitcan be very challenging especially if you are a first timer. However, it doesn’t have to come to this as you can still manage to make a great pick and participate in Triathlon successfully. According to experts, it is best that you opt for a wetsuit with the proper thickness as this determines your comfort while in underwater. Quality of construction matters a lot as it determines how long your wetsuit will last. Check the seams carefully and avoid those with a glued stitch as they are less strong and cheap. Select a wetsuit with a blind stitch as this will assure you that no water can leak through the seams.


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