YorkTest & Lorisian Food Intolerance Home Test Kits

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YorkTest & Lorisian Food Intolerance Home Test Kits

Hi everyone,

I’m very pleased to be writing this review tonight as I’ll be showing you some great home test kits that will prove invaluable to you in the quest of better health and lifestyle.

Food intolerance is something that always causes a bit of a debate or confusion and getting the doctor to approve blood tests to check for this is sometimes impossible. Due to this a generation of Britons could be putting their health at risk by wrongly self-diagnosing a food allergy or intolerance, ‘Instead of having their condition medically diagnosed and treating the root cause of their symptoms, millions of people are needlessly cutting whole food groups out of their diet, (Dr Carina Venter, allergy specialist at the University of Portsmouth).

The other key problem is that people don’t understand what intolerance means. It is different to allergies as this is an immediate reaction that can be serious, “where as intolerance is much more common and people eat certain things and get bloating, headaches, aches and pains, migraines all of which are very difficult to pin point and associate with a food as it could be something that you have 3-4 days ago and avoiding foods is very difficult.”

Remember if your not assessing your guessing!

One Man’s Food, is Another Man’s Poison – Lucretius 50BC

YorkTest is the only food intolerance test on the UK market that has passed clinical trials and is approved by the charity Allergy UK. These food intolerance tests offer the most scientific approach available on the market and the most professional in my opinion.

The tests (bar the gut health test) is a simple finger prick blood test that allows the lab techs to analyses IgG antibody reactions to food and drink ingredients. Once you have your report back from the First Test you will have a simple yes or no. If you do have a yes then you can upgrade at a special price within ten days to find out what sensitivity to what food or drink you have. You then get a full report back like this one foodscan113 results.

3-4 (means avoid)- means you have raised IgG antibody levels to these foods and you should try to eliminate these foods completely from your diet. With the grading 4 is the highest and indicates the strength of your reaction. Although it won’t necessarily correspond to any severity of symptoms you may have. They advise removing those with the highest result first.

Below 1 (Borderline)-indicates you have a borderline reaction to these foods and may or may not benefit from limiting their consumption.

0 (No reaction)- these foods can be eaten without restriction, unless you already know these foods do cause you a reaction and you have already been avoiding them, in which case you should continue to do so.

You now have good strong evidence that you will benefit by eliminating the ingredient(s) identified, from your diet.

If you order any of these home test kits you will get a bio hazardous envelope, a finger pricker, an absorbant wand to soak up the blood and a small vile to place the wand in. Once you complete the protocol, you pop it all in the box and envelope and send it off in the post and await your results.

I have outlined the tests that YorkTest provide:


Food&DrinkScan is the complete food and drink intolerance programme which tests and analyses for reactions to 158 food and drink Ingredients. You also get:

  • Two telephone consultations (worth over £100) with a BANT* registered Nutritional Therapist.
  • Comprehensive Guidebook and 12 week Food and Drink Diary with information on elimination diets.

FoodScan 113

FoodScan 113 tests and analyses for reactions to 113 food and drink ingredients. You also get:

  • Clear and comprehensive results for the testing of 113 foods for food-specific IgG antibodies.
  • Two telephone consultations (worth over £100) with a BANT* registered Nutritional Therapist.

AllergyCheck: IgETest

Classical allergies affect up to 30% of the population. YorkTest provides AllergyCheck, a screening test for those who suffer from classical environmental allergy reactions.

Homocysteine Test: Heart Health Indicator

Homocysteine testing is emerging as being more predictive than cholesterol testing in assessing heart disease risk. Elevated homocysteine levels are believed to increase the risk of heart disease and strokes independent of other risk factors – YorkTest offer the only service that can measure these levels from a few droplets of blood.

LiverCheck: Liver EnzymeTest

LiverCheck tests specifically for damage to liver cells by testing for two enzymes – ALT and AST. These enzymes are usually present inside liver cells, however damage to the liver can cause more ALT and AST to leak into the blood. LiverCheck can therefore be an important indicator of liver damage.

Gut Health Test: Stool Analysis

Gut Health Test is a service that helps you check and monitor the status of your gut health and provides detailed information to help optimise digestive health. The test is a stool test and YorkTest test for different species of bacteria, yeast and moulds to see whether the gut ecology is in balance.



  1. Cain 30/12/2013 at 10:11 am - Reply

    We … Lorisian and GB FITNESS shall be holding a Saturday evening training session on these kits and how to best utilise.

    Either Sat 1st March or Sat 15th March 2014 5-7pm


  2. 4Ever 21/02/2014 at 12:56 pm - Reply

    I’d advise anyone who wants to use these tests as part of their offer to clients to jump on this training session with Cain from GB Fitness!

    I’d also advise any of the training courses on offer from Cain are worth undertaking! the two courses I have done up to now and the time and effort Cain takes with his students have allowed me to really think about the interaction with clients and how to get them to reach their best in a healthy and safe manner!

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