Top 10 BodyPower Expo Highlights

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This year’s BodyPower Expo was a huge success, with record numbers of people attending and it was the biggest show to date. Here are my top 10 BodyPower Expo 2012 highlights and the reasons why the Expo is a must visit event for any fitness professional, athlete or brand.

1. Meeting the Athletes

It was fantastic to meet top athletes such as Rich Gaspari, Flex Lewis, Ronnie Coleman; huge, influential athletes within the industry. Here’s an exclusive interview with Rich Gaspari, which you can view below.

Rich discusses the BodyPower Expo, the importance of taste in supplements as well as upcoming products for Gaspari.

2. Meeting the Customers

Being able to meet customers face to face. It was amazing to meet up with some of these people and companies in person and discuss the things currently having an impact on the bodybuilding industry. It was the perfect place to take a personal approach with customers and find out what their needs are in 2012.

3. The Latest Nutritional Advice

This year’s BodyPower Expo gave visitors access to a weekend of nutritional and training advice. Even for those who consider themselves nutrition experts, mixing with other professionals helps to keep up to date with latest products, regimes, diets and nutritional information. Knowledge is power as they say, and the BodyPower Expo is the perfect way for brands to pass on valuable insights to their customers.

4. Loads of free samples

Everyone loves trying new products, especially when they are free. The BodyPower expo allows fitness fanatics to test the latest products from a huge range of suppliers! When it comes to protein shakes and health bars, lots of people only buy one flavour and don’t try others because they stick to what they know and like. People can test all the different flavours at the Expo and then buy different flavours on their next order, without the risk of not liking them. Bodybuilding Warehouse exhibited at the event and they gave fans a chance to sample some of their best products such as whey protein shakes and bestselling fat burner, Warrior Blaze.

5. Product launches and exclusives

The BodyPower Expo is a chance to see new supplements from companies that have only just been released. Keeping at the cutting edge of new products, flavours, ingredients, etc. is a huge advantage. Knowing what others are doing and what they’re introducing keeps you one step ahead of the competition.

6. Discounted products

There was an excellent range of supplements and equipment available to buy at bargain prices. There were so many cheap deals this weekend; everywhere you looked there were freebies and goodies to be had! Many athletes were taking advantage of these prices and buying their supplies in bulk. These deals were snapped up and everything was flying off the shelves at extraordinary speed.

7. Fantastic atmosphere

We loved every second of the BodyPower expo and cannot wait for BodyPower 2013!  Over 30,000 people visited the NEC in Birmingham for the BodyPower expo and the expo itself has more than doubled in size since it began in 2009. Everyone we met over the weekend was so friendly and it was contagious, we had so much fun and it really showed.

8. New exercise techniques

There was so much to see and do, you couldn’t possibly see everything but we were there when it counted and we picked up some great new tips!

9. New breakthrough companies

As well as the usual major players exhibiting at the event, there was the chance to see new up and coming companies breaking into the industry. The huge exposure that BodyPower gives makes it the ideal platform to get a brand noticed!  We chatted with Cheap UK Supplements who were also exhibiting for the first time.

10. Fitness models

Well, what can I say? The promo girls walking around the NEC last weekend were stunning. These dedicated athletes were an inspiration for both new and long term fitness enthusiasts. Just one glance at them is enough to send you straight to the gym.

Thanks for reading and hopefully see you there next year!


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  1. Ian 23/10/2012 at 8:07 am -

    Great review guys, see you next year.