The Power of Glutamine

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The Power of Glutamine

Being fit and healthy is one of the most important aims that people have in life these days. There are many different ways that people can focus on improving their health but muscle growth is an extremely popular area of the fitness industry. For many people, working out and using weights is part of a fat burning regime while for other people it is all about building muscle mass. No matter what your main aim is, it can be of benefit to have some support along the way.

This means that receiving advice and guidance from professionals and experts can be of benefit. However, it also means getting help and assistance with what you want to put into your body. The old sayings of “you are what you eat” or “rubbish in, rubbish out” are all very true with respect to building muscles. The right diet can help you to feel great but there is also a lot to be said for taking supplements to provide you with further benefits in your muscle growth goals.

While protein supplements are very popular, you may receive more effective results by adding glutamine supplements to your regular routine. This is an amino acid and it has become a popular supplement amongst many within the body building and weight lifting community.

Glutamine is a very versatile supplement

There are many different benefits provided by glutamine and for this reason, it is considered to be one of the most versatile supplements. The human body has a number of amino acids in it but glutamine is the one that is most commonly found. As well as being found in the muscles, glutamine can be found in the brain, in your liver, in your lungs and even in your blood.

Help your muscle tissue to stay healthy

Scientific research has uncovered that exercise impacts on the muscle tissue, causing it to release sizeable doses of glutamine. If you work out regularly or in an intense manner, you may find that your glutamine levels will drop. In some cases, glutamine has been found to drop by around 50%. People working out intensely or regularly will find that their body uses up and gives out more glutamine than is found in a regular diet and what can be produced by the body.

One of the biggest reasons to add glutamine to your routine is the fact that it is an anti-catabolic agent. This means it can play a crucial role in preventing muscles tissues which are set to metabolised from breaking down. When the level of glutamine in the body falls, particularly after workouts, muscle tissue can be damaged and the body may enter a catabolic state. Therefore, adding glutamine to your body can prevent this from happening.

Take glutamine and stay healthy

A drop in glutamine can also impact on your immune system. This means if you are looking to stay as healthy as possible, topping up your glutamine levels makes a lot of sense. It is important to ensure that your immune system is properly fuelled when you are working hard. This can help to minimise the risk of overtraining and the negative side effects that come with this situation.

Another strong reason why many athletes look to boost their glutamine levels comes with the fact that it provides an anti-inflammatory benefit. This can help to reduce the level of inflammation that some athletes and body builders experience after a workout. For this reason, glutamine is also a supplement that is recommended for patients who are recovering from surgery or for people who have suffered burns, trauma and other ailments.


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