The Injury Risks of Sunday League Football

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I play Sunday League football, do you? Football is simply the best sport in the world and an everlasting standing ovation is due to the Englishman who first invented the sport. However, it can also be a rather dangerous sport and those who play Sunday League football regularly will testify to this. From leg to head injuries, many men suffer from long term health problems due to injuries picked up on the football pitch. Here are accounts of some of the injuries that Sunday League footballers commonly suffer and their long term effects.

Crucial Knee Ligament Damage

Our knees are a lot more intricate and complex than one would believe and are made up of four main ligaments – the medial collateral ligament (MCL), the lateral collateral ligament (LCL), the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), and the posterior cruciate ligament.

Upon injuring our knees, often more than one of these ligaments becomes damaged.

While surgery isn’t always required following crucial ligament damage, one looking to return to playing football as quickly as possible ought to go under the knife to ensure a speedy and proper recovery. Furthermore, repairing the ligament through surgery and subsequent appropriate training reduces the prevalent risk of the sufferer getting arthritis later on in their life.

Damaging one’s crucial knee ligaments can be both extremely painful and also damaging to a footballer’s amateur career.

Head Injuries

Damage to one’s head on a football field is a matter taken very seriously by those involved in the sport. This is to the extent that once a player shows signs of a head injury it is obligatory for the referee to stop the game until either the correct treatment is applied or the player is off the pitch.

Head injuries can happen on the pitch most commonly, through collisions, which can occur during matches quite frequently.

However, heading the ball frequently over a period of time can also cause a long term head injury claimexperts – although such assertions are for the time being inconclusive.

Nevertheless, brain damage and concussions with long term side effects can occur due to head injuries on the football pitch.

Bone Breakage

By far the most feared of all Sunday League football injuries is breaking a bone. Fractures to our bones can occur in a variety of manners. The first is a clean break to the bone that excludes any break through the skin or surrounding tissue damage. This is the least problematic type of bone breakage.

However, sometimes the surrounding tissue and skin is damaged, which increases the risk of infection significantly.

Bone fractures can occur due to a number of different reasons on a football pitch.

Sometimes the studs at the bottom of a footballer’s boots can get stuck into the grass, and a due to tackle coming in, the player will suffer from a bone breakage in their leg. It is therefore important to ensure that the grass on the pitch isn’t too long and one wears the appropriate football boots for specific conditions.

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  1. Gary 16/02/2013 at 2:59 am - Reply

    Been there and done that with head injuries from Sunday football. I’m passed all that now thank goodness!

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