The Best Fitness Clothing For Your Sport

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The Best Fitness Clothing For Your Sport

What’s most important to you when shopping for your fitness clothing? Function? Exciting new technology? Price? Style? We’ve selected a couple of our favourite items from a wide variety of sports. Let us know if you’ve tried anything on this list, and tell us what you thought!


Speedo’s new Powerflash Thinstrap Muscleback suit is reasonably priced and comes in a range of candy colour-inspired colourways. Our personal favourite is the mid blue with the pale aqua and black details. The suit is made from super durable material that will allow you to get full daily use out of the Powerflash for a long time.


Nike’s newest innovation in football boots are the Hypervenom model. Created in striking orange and black, the aesthetics of the boot reflect the agility and adaptability of the shoe, allowing the player to make extremely quick reactions on the pitch.  The boot is priced around £100 and is available from all major high street sporting goods retailers.


Fred Perry racerback tennis dress from John Lewis. This item is the perfect ‘fashion’ look for a day on the court channelling Jordan from The Great Gatsby. The pleats create a fantastic retro 1920s look. A very classic outfit if you’re going somewhere special to relax and play some tennis.


From the H&M sportswear range, we recommend their sports tops for affordable yoga wear. These lightweight items in fashionable neutrals and neon are perfect for stashing in your work bag ready for your class at the end of the day. H&M’s sportswear line has won rave reviews from plenty of fitness bloggers for style and affordability.


Bloch Crossover Fleece from is a very handy and stylish addition to have in your dance wardrobe rotation.  It’s cropped style allows the item to be worn over a number of different shirts and leotards, which makes for a great cover up when the temperature gets a little chilly.


Charko chalkbags are made in Barcelona from organic cotton. They come in a range of fun prints from camo, to grass, to newsprint. They come with drawstring closer and a brush holder. They’re also very reasonably priced, at just under £20.  Perfect for keeping your climbing essentials stowed away safely.


Although you should find an expert running shoe retailer to find the perfect shoe for your feet and running style, the Saucony Progrid Mirage is new and claims to be able to give you a cushioning effect combined with a lightweight running shoe experience.

If you make an investment in your workout clothes, they should need replacing less often. Spending money on good quality brands can often be the more economical choice. Think about items in terms of cost-per-wear, so sometimes you might find it’s better to spend more. However, there are tons of great online resources which will give you honest reviews of the product you are interested in. Gather the best advice you can and remember – everyone is different, and everyone’s needs from workout wear differ accordingly.

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