Lanchana Green Q&A

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Lanchana Green Q&A

Hi everyone,

We are back and this time with our sports ambassador Lanachana!

Q1) As a trainer what’s the most ridiculous thing you have heard of someone doing in the name of fitness?

The most ridiculous thing I find in the fitness industry is ‘meal replacement shakes’, especially the ones that have in small print ‘must be as part of a healthy balanced diet and exercise’ – that last part is all you need for a fraction of the price! When you look at the ingredients on a shake, I guarantee you won’t recognise what half of the words that are wrote on the label are. I have my clients drinking shakes with real food in, that taste delicious, have so much nutritional benefit and are not a replacement it is food! Whether you choose to eat or drink it, it is real food.

Q2) Should girls do the same exercises as men?


Q3) What is the best exercise a girl can do to improve her whole body?

Burpees! There is a reason everybody hates these! They really do hit your full body, gets the breathing going, the muscles burning and your mental toughness arguing. Plus this is an exercise that everyone can do, even if your technique is not 100% spot on, it’s very unlikely your going to injure yourself. If you can perform push ups get these added in at the bottom of part of the burpee to really work the upper body, to progress even further and to really maximise the full body, perform a pull/chin up at the end of the burpee.

Q4) What would you say is the best piece of fitness equipment that our readers could buy?

Car tyre! You don’t even have to buy one, head down to a local car garage, dealership etc where they have old ones they are trying to get rid of – get two if you can! You can use this in your garden but for more exercises get to a field or some place where there’s room to sprint, all sorts of exercises can be done such as push ups on the tyre, dips, carry the tyre overhead and lunge walk, squat, chest pass it as far as you can, toss it over head (similar to a KB swing really drive from the legs, thrust your hips and extend the arms above and back behind your head to get the tyre as far away from you as possible.. then sprint after it and repeat, if you have some rope kicking about tie it around the tyre and run with it, drag it, all sorts get your thinking cap on and have some fun!

Q5) Describe a days typical food plan for yourself?

Breakfast: smoothie with banana & green veg, ginger, walnuts

Lunch: banana omelette with almond butter, sliced strawberries and blueberries on top, mini salad of cherry tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, spinach, red onion and some tuna maybe an hour or so apart!

Dinner: Salmon, quinoa & lentils cooked with spices like tumeric, cumin, cinnamon, paprika & coriander, 1 small baked sweet potato, cougette, broccoli and feta cheese.

Q6) Describe a weeks typical training for yourself?

Monday: AM Muscle activation/drills/technique PM Boxing

Tuesday: AM Thai Boxing PM S&C Power

Wednesday: AM Drills/technique PM Boxing

Thursday: AM Thai Boxing

Friday: PM S&C Endurance

Saturday: Foam roll, stretch

Sunday: S&C Strength

With a comp coming up there will be sprints and sparring sessions in there too.

Q7) What’s the best way to pack on muscle?

 Lift heavy, eat lots (the good stuff!) I’m not a great expert on this as I train to get strong without putting on size!

 Q8) What’s the best exercise to develop your abs?

The best exercise I have come across was one Barry Gibson put into a fight circuit for me a few years ago, days after my full core would be so sore! It is absolutely awful even now I dread doing it but I know it works! So, get onto a bar and into a thai clinch position, grab the bar like you would a baseball bat and pull yourself up so your elbows are tucked in tight and your chin is over the bar, from this position cycle your knees up and down for 30 seconds – that honestly feels like a lifetime when your up there! It’s called knees to elbow.

 Q9) What’s your thoughts in regards to supplements?

 I have nothing against supplements but I believe for now, I can get the majority of what I need from food. There will always be debate on this topic but personally I feel I function more than fine from eating good food even when I’ve had hard or multiple training sessions. I do take supplements for my brain and joints though! If I did take a protein supplement it would probably be a hemp or pea protein. I like plant power!!

 Q10) What is your golden rule for success?

Believe in yourself. People can have an opinion but that is all it is, you know yourself more than anyone, think positive, smile and know you can do whatever you choose to do. YOU are in charge of your own body.

Thanks Lanchana for taking the time to do this interview, I’m sure everyone will enjoy it!


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