How Protein Helps your Fitness Goals

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How Protein Helps your Fitness Goals

There’s a lot of misconceptions surrounding the benefits of protein, as the fitness industry is a sector rife with contradictions as everyone has their own beliefs and they own way of getting fit.

It’s important that you consider whether you need to take it, and how’s best to get your daily dose. After all, as the body only requires 30g of protein for day-to-day activities, any excess is simply removed as waste, so if you’re currently spending a fortune on expensive protein shakes it might be worthwhile knowing if you’re really just flushing it all down the toilet.

It’s essential to understand that even without exercise protein is an important macro-nutrient that provides our bodies with the ability to build and repair tissues.

Weight Loss

If you’re looking to lose weight your diet is a key part of this goal, as the old saying goes “abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym”, so whatever you’re fuelling your body with it has to help aid your rigorous regimes rather than counteract them.

As many calories you burn it’s not ideal to eat them with high fat foods that don’t nourish the body.

Low carb diets and the infamous Paleo diet have reigned supreme in the food fads as their high protein intake is helping many achieve results without feeling hungry, or as though they’re actually dieting.

Protein rich foods take more energy to digest which means your body is constantly burning up calories in the process. In conjunction with this as protein does not leave your stomach as quickly as other foods, they leave you feeling fuller for longer, hindering your likelihood to snack or overindulge.

Using a Whey protein along with a healthy diet can enhance your attempts at weight loss and give your muscles the nutrition they need after intense workouts.

Taking this in the morning along with your breakfast and after a workout will dramatically improve its absorption into the body and will not only set you up for the day, but also encourage muscle repair after a workout.

Build Muscle

Hitting the weights hard and taking inspiration from Arnie is one way to build muscle, but eating the correct amount of protein with a varied diet can improve your muscle mass, and give you a more defined silhouette.

The trouble with protein and building muscle is that many people can go overboard and begin to drink high calorie shakes that are often more full of sugar more than they are of any nutritional value. Eating clean when your body building is just as important as when you’re losing weight.

Once you’ve understood the basics of muscle building, find a protein supplement to take immediately post workout. You’ve put your muscles under a lot of stress and must now provide the nutrients to repair and re-grow your muscles.

Research shows that after strength based training session your muscles are starved so have a ‘sponge-like’ property. Feeding the body with protein ensures that nutrients are available during the overnight fast and muscle breakdown is avoided.


If you’re workouts involve heavy endurance it can be easy to focus on carbohydrates and pay little attention to protein.  A common occurrence in athletes is for a protein deficiency to appear giving negative effects on performance and health.

A lack in protein will make you become susceptible to fatigue, lethargy, anaemia and possibly even severe disorders. Protein is still essential to repair muscle and gain optimum immune system function, you just don’t need as much as a body builder.

Taking a whey protein after your run can massively impact your recovery, so find a clean protein that will provide your body with the nutrients it needs.

Although protein can feel like a confusing supplement, if you’re putting your body through its paces you need to ensure you’re proving your body with the nutrition it needs.

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