Health & Safety in Sport

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Health & Safety in Sport

Hi everyone,

Most people don’t value health & safety sadly till it’s too late! Being a former General Manager of a large sports complex, I can’t stress how important it is for everyone working from assist coach to manager understanding the legislation’s and some common sense.

It is more important than ever to make sure all risks are minimalised prior to sports participation, I am along with others going to be writing articles and uploading some video scenarios to help everyone promote a culture of health and safety in sport, health and fitness. Legislation created by the British and European parliaments, and administered by the Health and Safety Executive, aims to improve health and safety in all sectors, including sport (I know some people don’t always agree with this and often cite the term RED TAPE but its done for a reason. This system places a responsibility on everyone in society to have a ‘duty of care’ to everyone else. As sports leaders this will be defined as ‘higher duty of care’ which is based upon experienced and knowledgeable leaders being able to foresee potential hazards and incidents.

The consequence of sports leaders failing in their duty of care is the charge of ‘negligence’ being brought against them through the civil courts. It is therefore important that learners understand the issues and how they affect them when working in the sports industry.There have been several serious incidents in sporting situations where life-threatening and life-changing injuries have occurred, or people have lost their lives. It is important to stress that health and safety should be a priority for all those who work in the sector, with the aim of reducing incidents and making the sector safer for participants.

Posts, videos and interactive sessions will develop readers’ awareness of the importance of health and safety legislation, regulations and legal responsibilities of all those working in sporting situations.


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