Cycle for Parkinson’s Part 1

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Cycle for Parkinson’s Part 1

Hi everyone,

I’m going to be updating my blog weekly every Saturday till June 30th due to signing up to Pedal for Parkinson’s – Durham where I get to Cycle through the beautiful Durham countryside and raise vital funds for the work done by Parkinson’s work in the North East.

I’m doing this as my mother suffers from Parkinsons and this is the 1st of two planned events that I’m doing this year for the charity the other being Tough Mudder in September with my brother Andy Pandy, I’m hoping to convince Stan to do this as well as he is doing Total Warrior in August while I am away in France.

When: 30 June 2013, 10am.
Where: Start at Lydgett’s Junction, Consett. Finish at Roker, Sunderland.
Distance: 26 miles.

Thank you’s

At this point I need to state what brilliant support I am getting from people who I have reached out to Claire at Rowhire has provided me a Keiser M3 spin bike to help me prepare for the event as well as do some reviews on their services and bikes.

Delivery was very quick and in two boxes as you can see in the pictures. The bike was put up in less than 5mins! and is an excellent bike! I will be doing a full review of the bike on Sunday so watch out for it!

The Plan

So what I thought I do is highlight what I’m doing in the next 10 weeks to get ready for this 26mile cycle! while setting myself up nicely for the Tough Mudder in September. Now since becoming a Lecturer at Solihull College has been one of the best choices I made in my life and I’m very blessed to work within a great sports department. Now my job role has changed within the college and being the workaholic that I am I have not been keeping up to speed with my fitness as much so my goals are simple.

  • Build Health
  • Drop my body fat%
  • Build more muscle

So in order to do this I need to amend a few things such as:

  • Diet/Supplements
  • Water intake
  • Sleeping pattern
  • Periodisation of Training (resistance, cardio, yoga)

Now before I write up my plan I’ll be measuring where I am at currently by going into a Sports Lab and having an MOT done I will post the results next week hopefully along with a functional movement screening (FMS). Other tests and monitoring will include YorkTest food intolerance test, body fat % weekly via my Withings wifi scales . I’ll also be looking at my sleep patterns (deep/light sleep) for the data on my Jawbone up which I’m using at the minute (not 100% convinced on the¬†accuracy of the data from the sleep with the jawbone but by monitoring it I have already seen an improvement already over the last few weeks).

Some snippets of what I am going to do and can expand on later in the next blog are:

  1. Eat frequent, quality meals from real food (Vegetables will be organic and meat sourced from a local butcher) while drinking plenty of clean water. (no sugar, Limited dairy, no wheat, no processed food)
  2. Supplements (Green drink by Udo, Male Multivitamins by Solgar, BCCA by Reflex, Natural Protein by Reflex, Coenzyme q-10 by Nutri)
  3. Fasted steady state cardio in the morning at 6am-7am before work 3 times weekly
  4. A Yoga session once a week
  5. Resistance training twice a week (toying with joining the CrossFit in Coventry or Rigs Fitness)
  6. Tempo and rest times when training
  7. Skipping
  8. Sleeping at 10.30am-6am & power naps.I’ll Update you all soon! and leave you all with a video from Parkinson’s UK

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