Bupa – Advent Calendar

Luke 14/12/2012 0
Bupa – Advent Calendar

Hi all,

Luke here. How are you all doing? I hope you’re all training hard and aren’t letting the dark, cold weather put you off!

With Christmas just around the corner, I think this time of year is the most difficult when it comes to exercise and nutrition. My advice to you is to check out the health tips on the Bupa website. They’ve brought out a healthy 25 day advent calendar and each day offers you free advice to help you have a happy, healthy Christmas.

Here at 4Ever Fitness, we like doing things in 4′s so I’ve given you my favourite four days so far below.

1. Keep your seasonal snacking healthy

You know where I’m going with this. I can remember my Mam and Dad always having crisps and nuts out at Christmas and it was almost impossible to avoid eating them. Why not try some juicy oranges instead though? Full of vitamin C and really good for you.

2. Get outside to feel better inside

Everyone feels like lying on the sofa all day over Christmas. It’s a time to recharge those batteries. Getting outside in the fresh air can do you wonders though. I don’t know if there’s a better feeling than inhaling that cool, crisp air. If the suns out too, you’ll be secretly topping up your vitamin D levels.

3. Deck the halls

If you are decorating your house this year or maybe having a Winter tidy up, did you know that an hour’s worth of hoovering can burn up to 250 calories? This is the equivalent of one mince pie. So before you eat that pie, why not run the hoover around the house first.

4. Walk to the beat and lift your mood

If you already have one or have asked Santa for an iPod this year, music is great to listen to while out walking. It helps you pick up the pace and burn more calories.

Thanks again for reading and please have a happy, safe and healthy Christmas!


This article is a sponsored post on behalf of Bupa UK.

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