Mountain Warehouse Product Review

Amy 09/10/2015 0
Mountain Warehouse Product Review

The three products to review for our British summer was walking sandals and two soft shell jackets, one with a hood and one without, for those ‘no chance of rain’ days.

I absolutely love the soft shell jackets as they are perfect in so many weathers which for this country is ideal. They are such a great fit for a women’s practical jacket as quite often with practicality comes baggy and frumpy. The black jacket with the hood looks smart enough for work days as well as walking days and the fact that is is water resistant is a brilliant bonus. The fleece lining offers just the right amount of warmth for cool summer / spring days and those warm autumn/winter days so is an all round practical jacket.

The soft shell jacket without the hood was ordered in teal, a gorgeous new colour added to the soft shell range within Mountain Warehouse collection. The colour is strikingly different to those already on offer within the ladies department of most stores so was really appealing. This jacket offers the same benefits with it’s soft fleece lining and water resistant outer as well as the great shapely fit that I love about these jackets. Ideal for those days where there’s no rain forecast but the day is still a little chilly. The benefit of there being no hood is you can also pop a body warmer or gilet over the top without having to contend with a hood.

The sandals are super comfortable and totally practical for a summer walk when you just don’t want to put socks on. They are available in two colours and I went for the beige and orange combination. The soles are heavily cushioned so they absorb all the impact of fast walking as well as the stones that you can so easily feel through standard fashion sandals. They are adjustable via 2 Velcro straps so can be fitted to suit. The down side of the sandals is that for me, a woman in my thirties, they are possibly too practical looking and could benefit from some aesthetic changes to make them into a more fashionable style. If practicality and comfort is what you’re looking for, these sandals are ideal and very affordable.

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