Lonsdale Boxing Review

Stan 08/04/2014 0
Lonsdale Boxing Review

I was recently asked by Sports Direct to review some Lonsdale boxing products. I love my boxing so I jumped at the chance. They sent me out some Pro Hook and Jab Pads and Pro Style Training Gloves.

Firstly, the quality of both products were exceptional. They withstood my hardest punches over a two week period and they hardly look worn. The Training Gloves I reviewed were 16oz and are designed for heavy bag training, mitt work and sparring.

They have ‘Core’ technology designed for maximum breathability and cushioning. M:Core is specifically selected breathable, ventilated fabrics that regulate the temperatures of the body to help keep cooler for longer. L:Core delivers increased cushioning and protection, through a unique use of multi-layered closed cell foams. Provides unsurpassed shock dispersion and maximum absorption.

The Pro Hook and Jab Pads are one size fits all and are suitable for all boxers and trainers.The pads also help improve agility. Practice your combination shots with this excellent training aid!

Enclosed hand improves ability to perform precise speed combinations. Contrast target on palm for target practice improving precision and reaction. Secure velcro straps for quick and easy fitting. Two inch premium foam channels the force of impact away around the hand.

If you’d like to see more photos of the products you can see them over at my blog Father Fitness by clicking this link: http://www.fatherfitness.co.uk/unleash-the-lion/

Thanks for reading and keep training hard!


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