Bodybuilding Supplements: Top 5 Brands

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Bodybuilding Supplements: Top 5 Brands

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Bodybuilding supplement shave become extremely popular for body builders, sportsmen, athletes, dieters and gym goers over the years. With so many brands and new product developments, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends and product launches. If you are new to using supplements to aid your performance at the gym, take a look at our top 5 brands for some guidance.

Here we look at 5 of the most popular and most trusted brand names in the sports supplements market. Although there are now many names out there, a few key names still remain as the leading favourites for regular body building customers. So if you are looking for supplements to help you with building muscles, increasing your strength, maximising your energy and your strength, helping you with your performance, or aiding weight loss and fat burn, then take a look at some of the leading brands.


PHD is a sports nutrition and whey protein provider and the company strives for perfection with every product range. PHD’s mission statement ensures their customers that they offer only the best tasting products around and they are dedicated to producing effective supplements to their clients.

Currently, their product range includes body mass and muscle building, weight loss, performance, body sculpting and recovery.


This supplier has grown at an incredible rate thanks to it effective product range. The company focuses heavily on conducting research to ensure that each of their product lines gives the best possible performance for its customers. The research is highly effective and supports the unique formulas which help with bodybuilding and sporting performance.

Optimum Nutrition

Founded in 1987, this super brand is recognised around the world and has already built a respectable reputation within the industry. They are famous for being the creators of 100% whey protein and their books also include outstanding products such as Serious Mass Bulk Up, Gold Standard 100% Casein and Essential Amino Energy.


Reflex, which was started in 1996 in the UK by James Phillips, has become a popular brand of supplements  over the years and they currently focus their product ranges in 5 key areas; high protein, muscle and strength, energy and endurance, weight management and vitality. The company prides itself on using the finest ingredients and sourcing the best possible ingredients to use in their protein powders.

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